The strength of Horowitz Law is the individual attention we give to each of our clients at all stages of their case.  All cases are closely evaluated for trial and the possibility of settlement.  Our clients are kept updated as to the status of their case and our office is always available for consultation and further case updates.

We find that our satisfied clients are our best methods of advertisement and become sources of future referrals of new cases.  The below Testimonials from former clients speak to the compassion of our office, the tenacity of our representation, and the level of attention your case will always receive at Horowitz Law.

After interviewing several lawyers about a sensitive case, I immediately knew that Adam Horowitz was the person that I needed in my corner. He patiently listened to me and allowed me to vent when necessary, and always acted compassionately, He effectively sifted through the evidence of my case, and successfully negotiated an agreement on my behalf. I am so thankful that he was the attorney who helped to bring about good from a bad situation.


From day one he was there for me, day or night. For someone who's never hired an attorney he took the time to explain every step of the legal process. He was always available to take my calls, answer my questions and would promptly return emails. I never felt alone in my fight. He's a true advocate for women. I would highly recommend Adam Horowitz for anyone that needs a trustworthy attorney.


Adam Horowitz is without a doubt a man of honor. He has restored my faith of the judicial process, along with being completely straight forward and honest Adam understands the pain,heart ache & misery one feels due to the molestation/child abuse. NOT ONCE did Adam not listen or make me feel second rate. As difficult & horrific as molestation can be on all family members Adam made the process so much easier than I could have hoped for! From the bottom of my heart, Thank you so very much Adam!!


Adam is an extremely knowledgeable and straight forward attorney. He looked at every angle of my case, and provided me with choices I could make. He never pressured me into a decision, rather gave me sound advice, helped me with a pros and cons list, and gave me time to make a rational decision. He is an extremely zealous advocate for his clients, and I would not want to be on opposing counsel in a courtroom.


I cannot say enough great things about Adam! He is kind, caring, helpful, intelligent, and the most compassionate attorney you could ever ask for. He is a true credit to his profession. He makes you feel more like a family member instead of a client. He truly is an amazing attorney, and I would highly recommend him!


From the very first day I reached out to Adam, he was immediately responsive. Throughout the entire case Adam worked tirelessly to gain all the information and facts. His expertise in this area proved extremely effective, also allowing him to walk me through the process step-by-step. He is a true advocate for his clients, helping them make sense of it all. In something that can be a difficult process I can confidently say that I could not have done it without Adam. He is professional, caring and passionate about what he does. I am so thankful to have had him as my lawyer throughout this process and would highly recommend him to anyone in my situation.