Fr. Ibarra Mercado – Diocese of Harrisburg

Fr. Ibarra C. Mercado – Diocese of Harrisburg

Summary of Allegations against Fr. Ibarra Mercado:

In 1994, the Diocese of Harrisburg was contacted by the Archdiocese of Military Services, which oversees all priests serving as military chaplains, with a report that Ibarra Mercado was accused of French kissing a 12 year old girl at the Harrisburg VA Hospital. The memo was to advise the Diocese of Harrisburg of the allegation, as well as the Archbishop of the Military’s intent to investigation and deal with the matter himself, rather than defer to the Diocese of Harrisburg.

The outcome of the investigation is unknown.

Mercado was reassigned to a new post by the Archdiocese of the Military shortly thereafter.

It does not appear from the Diocese of Harrisburg’s August 2018 statement on accused priests that Ibarra was a priest in any Diocese of Harrisburg parish, though it is possible he was residing at one while working at the VA Hospital. The exact nature of the relationship between Mercado and the Harrisburg Diocese would be subject to further investigation in any lawsuit to be filed against the Diocese of Harrisburg by anyone victimized by Mercado.

Mercado’s current whereabouts are unknown.  There are several men named Ibarra Mercado in active ministry outside of the United States.

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