Diocese of Allentown Begins Program to Compensate Sexual Abuse Victims

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What You Need to Know About the Diocese of Allentown Compensation Program for Sexual Abuse Victims

The Diocese of Allentown has just announced the details concerning its compensation program for victims of sexual abuse by priests of the Diocese of Allentown. The program will compensation victims of abuse by Diocese of Allentown priests as well as religious order priests with ties to the Diocese.  All claims must be registered and then a Claims Form with supporting documentation must be submitted.  The deadline for submitting claims to the compensation fund is September 30, 2019 so it is important that you act quickly.  All claims will be individually evaluated by a third-party administrator to determine the eligibility and amount of the award.

Horowitz Law has reviewed countless public records, court files, news article, police reports, website and other public documents to prepare the most extensive list available anywhere of accused clergy in the Diocese of Diocese of Allentown. The complete list of Diocese of Allentown clergy accused of sexual abuse can be found here.

Sadly, the Diocese of Allentown has been home to some of the most notorious priests alleged to have committed child sexual abuse. Thanks to a recent scathing grand jury report, the facts are now coming to light about how the Diocese officials, including its bishops, protected predator priests before the innocent children in its flock.  Victims of abuse by priests in the Diocese of Allentown may be able to seek justice in a court of law or through a voluntary settlement fund for what occurred.

Horowitz Law is a law firm representing victims of sexual abuse by clergy of the Diocese of Allentown through the newly-created compensation fund for victims.  If you want speak with a lawyer because you were sexually abused by a priest in Pennsylvania, contact our office today. Although many years have passed, those abused by Catholic clergy in the Diocese of Allentown may have legal options, but filing deadlines apply so do not delay in reaching out to us. Contact us at (954) 641-2100 or adam@adamhorowitzlaw.com to discuss your options today.