Fr. Herbert McElroy – Diocese of Rockville Centre 

Father Herbert McElroy

Diocese of Rockville Centre   

Herbert McElroy Diocese of Rockville Centre Horowitz Law Ordained: 1934

Died: 2004

Assigned as follows:

  • Unknown:        St. Francis Cabrini (Brooklyn, NY) 
  • Unknown:        St. Philip Neri (Northport, NY) 
  • 1935-1938:      St. Peter Claver (Brooklyn, NY) 
  • 1939-1947:      St. Anthony, Oceanside (Brooklyn, NY) 
  • 1941:                Division of Social Group Work, Catholic Youth Organization,  (Oceanside, NY) 
  • 1948-1949:      Our Lady of Mt. Carmel (Patchogue, NY) 
  • 1950-1958:      St. Mary Magdalene (Springfield Gardens, NY) 
  • 1959-1964:      Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Brooklyn, NY) 
  • 1965:               Absent On Leave 
  • 1966:               Absent On Leave; Servants of the Paraclete (Morrell Retreat, Halltown, MO)
  • 1967-1968:      On Duty Outside the Diocese; Servants of the Holy Paraclete, Morrell Retreat (Halltown, MO)
  • 1969:               Our Lady of Hope (Middle Village, NY) 
  • 1970-1979:      St. Malachy’s (Brooklyn, NY) 
  • 1980-1990:      Retired; St. Malachy’s (Brooklyn, NY) 
  • 1991-2003:      Retired, Holy Family Home (Brooklyn, NY) 

Summary of Abuse Allegations against Father Herbert McElroy:

Father Herbert McElroy was ordained a priest in the Diocese of Brooklyn in 1934. He worked in Oceanside and Patchogue before the Rockville Centre diocese was erected. Both towns were within the Rockville Centre Diocese after it was created. According to media reports, in 2003, he was named in a $300 million civil lawsuit involving 24 priests. According to the lawsuit, Father McElroy was accused of sexually abusing a minor boy in the 1950s while serving at St. Mary Magdalene in Springfield Gardens, New York. His name was included on the Diocese of Brooklyn’s 2019 “List of Diocesan Clergy for Whom the Diocese Received Allegations of Sexual Misconduct With a Minor,” in the section “Clergy Members of  the Diocese of Brooklyn With Credible Allegations: Credibility Deemed by Diocesan Review Board Determination and/or Admission on Behalf of the Cleric.”

“In April 2021 the official committee of abuse survivors in the Diocese’s bankruptcy identified Father McElroy as a person accused of abuse who has some connection to the Rockville Centre Diocese.” According to the committee, the people on this list, “…have been accused of committing sexual abuse. These people have served within the territorial limits of the  Diocese of Rockville Centre.  A religious order and/or diocese outside of the Diocese of Rockville Centre found sexual abuse accusations against these people to be credible or sexual abuse lawsuits have been filed against these people.”

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