Fr. J. Patrick Foley – Diocese of Oakland

Father J. Patrick Foley

Diocese of Oakland

J. Patrick Foley Horowitz LawJ. Patrick Foley Horowitz Law

Ordained: 1973

Removed: 2010 

Assigned as follows:

  • 1973-1974: St. Michael (San Diego, CA)
  • 1974: Our Lady of Grace (El Cajon, CA)
  • 1974-1977: University High School (San Diego, CA)
  • 1977: St. Therese (San Diego, CA)
  • 1977-1978: University of San Diego (San Diego, CA)
  • 1982-1983: Blessed Sacrament (San Diego, CA)
  • 1983-1984: St. Mary Magdalene (San Diego, CA)
  • 1984-1990: St. Francis Seminary (San Diego, CA)
  • 1990-1991: University of San Diego (San Diego, CA)
  • 1991: Leave of Absence (family and personal issues)
  • 1991-1994: Christian Brothers High School (Sacramento, CA) 
  • 1998-1999: Diocese of Santa Rosa (Santa Rosa, CA)
  • 2000-2009: Unknown
  • 2010: Suspended from Ministry
  • 2011: Unknown
  • 2012: Faculties Restored (San Diego, CA)
  • 2013-2014: Unknown
  • 2015: Faculties Restored
  • 2015-2020: (Northern CA)

Summary of Abuse Allegations against Father J Patrick Foley:

Fr. J Patrick Foley was ordained as a priest of the Diocese of San Diego in 1973. He worked in parishes, campus ministry, and in high schools and colleges as a teacher. According to media reports, in 1989, he was first accused of inappropriately touching a child while he provided emergency medical care. Former Bishop Robert Henry Brom sent him for treatment at a mental health facility in Connecticut and he later returned to the ministry.

In 2010, Foley was suspended from ministry amidst another allegation that he molested two young Sacramento boys. A canonical trial resulted in an “unclear” verdict by three priests who were unable to reach a finding of any wrongdoing. In 2012, his faculties were restored. 

In 2015, Foley was once again removed from the ministry. As of 2017, he continued to work as a retreat leader, advertising himself as a preacher online.

In September 2018, he was named in the Diocese of San Diego’s list of clergy credibly accused of sexual abuse of minors.

In 2019, Foley was included the Diocese of Santa Rosa list of clergy credibly accused of child sexual abuse, in addition to the Diocese of Sacramento list several months later. In addition, he was named on the Diocese of Oakland list.

In September 2019, he filed a lawsuit alleging the Roman Catholic Diocese published “false and defamatory material” in a “reckless disregard for the truth.” 

In 2020, Foley was included on the Diocese of Stockton list of clergy credibly accused of child sexual abuse.

He currently lives in Northern California.

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