Fr. John Curran – Diocese of Portland

Father John Curran

Diocese of Portland 

John Curran Diocese of Portland Horowitz Law

Ordained: 1927

Died: 1976

Assigned as follows:

  • 1927, 1937-1952: St. James (Woodland, ME)
  • 1928: St. Patrick (Portland, ME)
  • 1929, 1960-1962: St. Joseph (Old Town, ME)
  • 1930: St. Mary (Lewiston, ME)
  • 1934-1937: St. Ignatius (Sandford, ME)
  • 1952-1960: St. Michael (South Berwick, ME)
  • 1962-1972: St Augustine (Augusta, ME

Summary of Sexual Abuse Allegations against Fr. John Curran:

Fr. John Curran was ordained a priest in 1927, who served in multiple parishes in the Diocese of Portland during his 41-year career. According to media reports, in 1994 a man testified before a legislative hearing that Fr. Curran had molested him on several occasions in the 1950’s at another perpetrator’s home. The abuse involved pornography, fondling, and gifts (money and candy). The alleged victim told his mother about the abuse, and she threatened to wash his mouth out with soap if he called Fr. Curran queer again.

In 2002, a man contacted law enforcement with an allegation of sexual abuse that occurred between 1957-1959 against Fr. Curran. The alleged victim was 12 when the abuse began. The boy was struggling in school because his dad was an alcoholic and a domestic abuser. He was sent to Fr. Curran for counseling on two occasions. During each visit to the Curran’s private study, the victim says that Curran fondled him. The boy did not report the abuse because he feared that no one would believe him given Fr. Curran’s reputation in the community.

The Diocese of Portland received an allegation of sexual abuse in 1961 against Fr. Curran in 2007. The alleged victim was 12 years old when he began doing odd jobs around the parish with a group of boys who were all recruited by Fr. Curran. When the victim was alone with Curran in his office, Curran hugged and fondled him. The alleged victim did not disclose the abuse for decades. He finally disclosed the abuse in a group therapy session.

Fr. John Curran died in 1976. A bridge bearing Curran’s name was renamed the Calumet Bridge in 2009.

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