Fr. Matthew Riedlinger – Diocese of Trenton

Father Matthew Riedlinger

Diocese of Trenton

Fr. Matthew Riedlinger Horowitz Law

Ordained: 2010

Outpatient Treatment: 2011

Inpatient Treatment: 2012

Leave of Absence: 2013

Suspended: 2013

Assigned as follows:

  • St. Margaret, Seminarian Position (Spring Lake, New Jersey)
  • St. Barnabas, Seminarian Position (Bayville, New Jersey)
  • St. Aloysius Church (Jackson, New Jersey)

Summary of Sexual Abuse Against Father Matthew Riedlinger:

“I had tried from the beginning to take concerted action, but also to get help for Father Riedlinger… But the more I have learned of his actions during and after outpatient and inpatient treatment, the more it has become clear that strong, brave and permanent action must now be taken to protect others, particularly our youth.” – Bishop David M. O’Connell

According to media reports, in 2011, a young parishioner spoke out against Father Matthew Riedlinger for his inappropriate sexually charged dialogue with church youth. The Diocese of Trenton did nothing in regards to the complaint. Later that year, the same individual texted Riedlinger posing as a 16-year-old boy and reportedly received inappropriate “sexts” from the priest in return. The recipient sent a copy of the conversation to the Diocese of Trenton and Reidlinger was suspended from ministry not long after.

According to a local news outlet, after first hearing complaints of Riedlinger’s misconduct in 2011 the Diocese of Trenton sent the priest to a treatment facility for outpatient treatment. However, Riedlinger’s inappropriate contacts with minors continued. The Diocese then sent Riedlinger to inpatient treatment. Riedlinger’s misconduct reportedly continued during his treatment.

The Diocese of Trenton quietly removed Riedlinger from his position at St. Aloysius in 2012 and reported the matter of Reidlinger’s behavior to the local Prosecutor’s office. However, as his misconduct did not involve any sexual contact, assault or abuse, prosecutors declined to charge him with a crime.

Riedlinger’s faculties to minister were permanently revoked in 2013, at which time his parishioners were finally told why he had been removed more than a year earlier.  

In February 2019, the Diocese of Trenton released a list of priests credibly accused of sexually abusing minors, and Riedlinger’s name does not appear on that list.

Riedlinger is believed to be residing in the Bergenfield area.  He is now in his late 30s. His current occupation is unknown.

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