Fr. Theodore Podson – Diocese of Buffalo

Father Theodore Podson

Diocese of Buffalo (Piarist Fathers)

Theodore Podson Horowitz Law

Ordained: 1976

Removed: 2012

Known Assignments:

  • Devon Prep School (Devon, PA)
  • St. Francis Church (Amarillo, TX)

Summary of Sexual Abuse Allegations against Father Theodore Podson: 

In 1993, Father Theodore Podson left his job at Devon Prep School in Pennsylvania for allegedly sexually assaulting a boy. However, Father Podson was not publicly identified, charged or barred from active ministry. According to news reports, the priest went to St. Luke’s Institute, a church-run hospital in Maryland that treated clergy members for issues including sexual disorders. After that, he simply moved down to Texas, and was taken in by St. Francis Church in Amarillo. He was one of five religious order priests identified as “guilty of sexual misconduct with a minor,” on a list compiled in 1994 by Msgr. William J. Lynn. His name also appears on the Buffalo Diocese’s updated list of priests who have been accused of sexual misconduct. Now 64, Podson lives on a small island in the Philippines, prompting himself as a mentor and is currently living in an apartment in close proximity to teenagers. He was reached by the media, but would not make any comment. 

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