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Minor Attracted Person – A Troubling Phrase Causing Controversy

Minor attracted person, a disturbing phrase used by Dr. Allyn Walker to describe a pedophile or sex abuser to minors. What if we called murderers “life takers?” Or embezzlers “money shifters?” What if we used the term “others’ property preferrers” for purse-snatchers? Obviously, these phrases are awkward and confusing. Worse, they are a disservice to crime victims and contrary to the truth.

Why do we feel this way? In large part, because they mask or minimize the pain caused by these crimes. What on earth prompted us to even conjure up these odd terms? It was an Associated Press article headlined “Professor Gets New Job After Pedophilia Research Caused Stir.”

The no-doubt-harried headline writer missed the mark a tad here. Apparently, the ‘stir’ was less about the ‘research’ and more about the terminology used by the professor.  The researcher, Dr. Allyn Walker,  used the phrase “Minor Attracted Persons (MAPs)” to describe adults who are sexually attracted to kids. A book Walker wrote called “A Long, Dark Shadow: Minor-Attracted People and Their Pursuit of Dignity” led to “a controversial interview” that provoked “an outcry on campus and social media as well as the threat of violence.  It has also cost them several jobs at universities. In their work, Walker stresses that not every adult who is attracted to kids violates kids, so it would be unfair to label people who never offend with the same terms as sex offenders and predators.

In fairness, we at Horowitz Law believe that everyone deserves to be treated with dignity, even those who have perpetrated horrible crimes against the most vulnerable.  We also accept the notion that some grown-ups who are sexually drawn to kids manage to not act on these dangerous impulses. Those individuals should not be called “child molesters” unless they actually molest children.

But there’s got to be a more accurate word or phrase than “minor-attracted persons” in this scenario – one that does not minimize the risks posed by such persons nor the devastation caused by such persons who ACT on those attractions.

Euphemisms Minimizing the Seriousness of Child Sexual Abuse Aren’t New

Some years ago, US Catholic bishops started calling various types of child abuse and child sexual abuse “boundary violations.” Some of us here at Horowitz Law laughed out loud when we heard this phrase. One staffer said, “I thought a ‘boundary violation’ was when a stranger stood too close to me in an elevator.”

But of course, that was the goal of the new term minor attracted person is to use the term in media and public relations campaigns to suggest that someone was made to feel slightly annoyed or uncomfortable by a pervert priest’s actions, rather than suggesting an innocent child was (or was made to feel) severely violated and deeply harmed.

The same bishops often make a distinction between ‘pedophilia’ and ‘ephebophilia’ for the exact same reasons – as if the sexual abuse of older children is not as serious as it is for younger children. Wikipedia tells us that ephebophilia is “the primary sexual interest in mid-to-late adolescents, generally ages 15 to 19.” So it’s an actual word. In clinical settings, it’s probably helpful, because it’s precise. But in regular settings, with the general public, bishops, their lawyers, and their public relations staffers clearly believe that ‘rape’ rightly generates anger and disgust, while ‘boundary violations’ provokes less anger and disgust.

Back to Professor Walker for a moment. We understand a desire to make sure no one demonizes those with enough control not to offend – at least not yet. But to call murderers “life takers” or calling purse-snatchers “others’ property preferrers” is bad. And calling adults who are sexually attracted to kids “minor-attracted persons” seems to be on the edge of a slippery slope that leads to downplaying the horrors of child sex crimes, particularly since there is no guarantee that a “MAP” won’t eventually offend.

For Horowitz Law, it’s always better safe than sorry when it comes to kids.

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Enreeka Nalasco Horowitz Law

Ex Miami Substitute Teacher Enreeka Nalasco Arrested For Giving Underage Girls Drugs for Sexual Favors

Enreeka Nalasco, a former substitute teacher in Miami/Dade, was arrested Friday, May 13, 2022, on charges including human trafficking, traveling to meet a minor, specific uses of computer services or devices prohibited, unlawful use of a communications device, and contributing to the delinquency of children. He is being held at the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center without bond.

According to media reports, Miami Beach Police began the investigation into Nalasco in late March after an officer was alerted that a few female students between the ages of 11 and 14 at Nautilus Middle School in Miami Beach, were in possession of narcotics and electronic vape pens. When the police officer asked where the students could have gotten such items, they were told that they were given the drugs from a man known as “Swaggy,” whom they met on the social media app, Snapchat.

The police report stated that “Swaggy” allegedly sold the girls’ vape pens, marijuana, marijuana cards, and nicotine in exchange for sexual favors or cash as payment. They told police that Swaggy drove to deliver the goods and sexual favors at neighborhood parks and the young girls’ homes in Miami Shores.

Investigators discovered that “Swaggy” was Enreeka Nalasco, 32, a former substitute teacher at Miami Beach Senior High School. According to his arrest report, Nalasco was terminated from his teaching job back in October 2018 after he was investigated internally for inappropriately contacting a student through a social media platform.

Nalasco’s Victims

One of Nalasco’s victims is a 13-year-old girl who was suspended for having narcotics on school grounds. The girl said she bought the vape from “RealSwaggye” on Snapchat.

Another victim is a 12-year-old girl. She claims Nalasco added her on Snapchat after seeing they had mutual friends and then sold her a vape for $40. The girl said Nalasco offered other drugs and medical marijuana cards, but she blocked him on Snapchat after he told her she was pretty and that he wanted to kiss her.

Another victim, a 14-year-old girl, stated that Nalasco added her on Snapchat and sold her a vape pen for $40. She gave him her address, and when he arrived, he told her to get into his car. After she got in, he reached over and put his hand on her thigh, and told her she was pretty. The girl said she felt uncomfortable and blocked him on Snapchat.

Two other girls, 11 and 12-years-old claim that Nalasco offered to sell them narcotics in exchange for “kisses inside his vehicle.”

A 14-year-old girl said she had purchased items from Nalasco and he had expressed a sexual interest in her. On Valentine’s Day 2020, he got a hotel room for them and sent her an explicit video of him masturbating. The teen said she was offered drugs and nicotine in exchange for sexual favors, and that Nalasco drove from his home in Hollywood, FL to her home in Miami Beach to have sexual contact with her.

Another victim is a 12-year-old girl claiming Nalasco sexually battered her in Miami Shores after meeting him on Snapchat and agreeing to buy a vape pen. The girl showed police officers messages between her and Nalasco, which revealed that he also received nude photos of the girl.

A statement was released by a representative of Miami-Dade County Public Schools that read, “Miami-Dade County Public Schools is deeply disturbed by the troubling allegations made against this former employee. This individual has not been employed with M-DCPS since 2018 and is precluded from seeking future employment with this District.”

Enreeka Nalasco is just one of several South Florida teachers to face charges this year for having inappropriate actions with a student. This is every parent’s worst nightmare. Schools should always be a place where parents can trust that their children will be cared for and protected from harm.

Attorney Adam Horowitz has substantial experience representing victims of sexual abuse in the school system. If you have been a victim of sexual misconduct by Enreeka Nalasco or have any knowledge of him, please contact o our law firm at (888) 283-9922 or e-mail sexual abuse lawyer Adam Horowitz today.

Fr. Gregory Weider – Diocese of Albany

Father Gregory Weider

Diocese of Albany 

Gregory Weider Horowitz Law


Ordained: 1963

Retired: 2010

Removed: 2021

Assignment History:

  • 1971-1977: St Thomas the Apostle (Delmar, NY)
  • 1972-1980: Diocese Chaplain For Scouting
  • 1977-1978: St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Church (Coxsackie, NY)
  • 1980-1986: National Catholic Boy Scout Committee
  • Dates Unkown: Blessed Sacrament (Mohawk, NY)
  • Dates Unkown: St. Anthony (Schenectady, NY)
  • Dates Unkown: St. Agnes (Cohoes, NY)
  • Dates Unkown: Holy Cross (Albany, NY)
  • Dates Unkown: Sacred Heart (Watervliet, NY)
  • Dates Unkown: Holy Trinity (Schaghticoke, NY)
  • Dates Unkown: St. Monica (Valley Falls, NY)
  • 2021: Sacred Heart (Margaretville, NY)
  • 2021: St. Anne’s (Andes, NY)

Summary of Sexual Abuse Allegations Against Father Gregory Weider

Since his ordination in 1963, Fr. Gregory Weider worked in several parishes within the Albany Diocese during his tenure. Along with his pastoral duties, Weider was heavily involved with the Boy Scouts. According to diocese records, Weider served as the Diocesan Chaplain for Scouting from 1972 to 1980 and then was elected in a national role with the National Catholic Committee on Scouting from 1980 to 1986. Although Weider retired in 2010, he had been serving as a Sacramental Minister at Sacred Heart in Margaretville and its mission, St. Anne’s, when he was removed from public ministry in August 2021, due to unresolved Child Victims Act (CVA) allegations. 

Weider was publicly named in a complaint filed in the state Supreme Court in Albany, which claimed Weider allegedly had sexually abused a 14-year-old boy twice a week for approximately one year, starting in late 1977 while pastor at St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Church in Coxsackie, NY. The teen was a foster child living with a family that attended the parish. His foster family introduced him to the congregation and he spent time with Fr. Weider through recreational, educational, and religious activities. The alleged abuse took place within the rectory at the parish. According to the claim, Weider told his victim that “no one would believe him if he told anyone.”

According to media reports, the abuse specifically included, touching, fondling, and groping of the victim’s bare genitals; forcing the victim to touch, grope, and fondle Weider’s bare genitals; performing oral sex, and digitally penetrating the teen. Weider was previously accused in two other claims, in 2004 and 2010, but was kept in ministry, as the lawsuits weren’t directly against the diocese or the district attorney.

Weider, 84, was finally added to the Diocese of Albany’s List of ‘Credibly Accused ‘for sexual abuse against minors. According to the Diocese, after an extensive investigation, Weider was added for ‘reasonable cause’ related to allegations of sexual abuse.

Horowitz Law is a law firm representing victims and survivors of sexual abuse by Catholic priests and other clergy in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany. If you need a lawyer because you were sexually abused by a priest in New York, contact our office today. Although many years have passed, those abused by Catholic clergy in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany now have legal options to recover damages due to a compensation fund created for victims. Contact us at (888) 283-9922 or at

Daniel Norment Horowitz Law

Jupiter Teacher Daniel Norment Arrested for Sexual Activity with Minor

Daniel Norment, a middle school math teacher in Jupiter, Florida, was arrested on May 10, 2022, after allegedly committing a sex crime on a 16-year-old student two years prior. He was charged with one count of unlawful sexual activity with a minor and a sex offense against a student by an authority figure. Norment, 41, has been a math teacher at Independence Middle School, located at 4001 Greenway Drive in Jupiter, for six years.

According to media reports, Jupiter Police received a complaint in March 2022, from the now 18-year-old victim stating that Daniel Norment allegedly had sex with her in the closet of his classroom two years ago. The victim stated that Norment was her teacher in 8th grade when they met. She also said that she came forward now because Norment has been harassing her daily, adding “Norment should not be around youth.” In her report to the police, she told them that Norment used her and realized it was wrong for them to have sex at the school. The teen stated, “I struggle with the incident daily and am not sure if I will ever be able to resolve it in my mind.” Jupiter police say the teacher had been reprimanded several times for inappropriate behavior with students before school officials reassigned him from Independence Middle School to an administrative role in March.

Investigation of Daniel Norment

During the investigation, Jupiter Police discovered that Norment was the alleged victim’s 8th-grade teacher at Independence Middle School. The arrest report states that the teen claims that Norment used to always tell her “she was different and mature for her age” and gave her good grades for doing nothing. When the girl went to high school, she often visited Norment at her former middle school and helped him with paperwork and cleaning his classroom, then the two would hang out. Over time, Norment reportedly began to get more affectionate with the teen, hugging her, rubbing her back, and kissing her on the cheek.

The arrest report states that on one occasion, he rubbed her “in a passionate way,” touching her breasts and butt over her clothing. It says Norment kissed her on the lips and told her he was falling in love with her. At the start of her 11th-grade year, the 16-year-old visited Norment’s classroom and told police that he “became more aggressive and passionate,” touching her breasts and backside. The teacher then led the student into a closet in his classroom, took off her clothing, and had sex with her.

Upon further investigation, Jupiter police found out that Norment often took students into his classroom closet to “counsel them.” Norment was also the coach of the girls’ basketball team, and former students stated that he allowed the students to change in/out of their uniforms inside his classroom after school hours.

The Middle School Employees Knew About Daniel Norment’s Inappropriate Behavior

During the police investigation, three assistant principals at Independence Middle School said they were aware of some inappropriate non-criminal behavior by Norment while teaching at the school for the past couple of years. This included bringing former students — all girls – to his classroom after school to visit or help with him administrative responsibilities.  On other occasions, he would reported take students into a large closet in his classroom to “counsel” them.  Police said the school reprimanded Norment several times and removed him from the coaching position, but he continued teaching math until early March when the claim was reported. The school principal released a letter to the parents confirming Norment’s arrest, saying the teacher was reassigned to a “non-student contact position” away from the school in March regarding an incident that allegedly occurred two years ago. Yet, the letter did not say he was fired.

Norment was finally arrested after the two-month investigation was completed. He remained at the Palm Beach County Jail with his bail set at $100,000. Luckily, the judge ordered Norment was ordered to have no contact with the School District of Palm Beach County or anyone under the age of 18.

Schools are educational institutions in which children should be able to learn and develop skills in a nurturing environment. It is expected that they are safe from violence, bullying, harassment, and sexual abuse.  Teachers and coaches are entrusted to facilitate learning and support the educational needs of their students. Someone who sexually violates young children has no place working in the school system. Any school in which such a crime is committed should take responsibility if they fail to properly screen potential teachers and protect their students. 

Horowitz Law is a law firm representing victims and survivors of sexual abuse in schools and other educational settings. If you or a loved one was sexually abused, raped, or sexually molested by a principal, teacher, or another school employee, contact our law firm at (888) 283-9922 or send an e-mail to sexual abuse lawyer, Adam Horowitz, at for a free consultation.

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Surprising Secrecy in the Denver Archdiocese

Secrecy in the Denver Archdiocese? We at Horowitz Law hope we’re misreading the news out of the Denver Archdiocese, but we suspect and fear that we aren’t. A Colorado television station reported that a Denver archdiocesan priest had been accused of inappropriately touching a child in 2018. More specifically, a media report states that a priest in the Archdiocese of Denver inappropriately touched a minor in a public space when the young girl was exiting church immediately after Mass. Denver church officials supposedly followed their “Code of Conduct” and “Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People” by immediately reporting the allegation to authorities (or so they say). The cleric was placed on administrative leave pending an investigation. So far, this sounds like they are actually following the correct protocol, right? Well, not really.

Denver Archbishop Samuel Aquila is NOT revealing the name of the priest. At a bare minimum, this contradicts the promise and practice of Catholic officials across the country for a few decades.

Let’s start by noting the following facts:
1. This is an allegation of a serious crime
2. This allegedly happened recently
3. The alleged abuser is a still-living priest
4. This act is a possible cause for criminal prosecution

In other words, it’s NOT a decades-old allegation against a long-deceased cleric who can no longer hurt someone or be pursued by police and prosecutors. This priest is still alive and could still be abusive.

So, while a bishop should be prompt, honest, and thorough in publicly disclosing ALL reports of abuse, he should be particularly prompt, honest, and thorough in these circumstances. But again, we at Horowitz Law can find nothing on Aquila’s website indicating the name of the just-suspended cleric. Secrecy in the Denver Archdiocese? We think so.

What the Archdiocese of Denver DOES disclose is:
1. When it allegedly happened (in 2018, after Mass)
2. How often it allegedly happened (once)
3. What the incident involved (touching)
4. Where the incident happened (in a public space)

Clearly, the archdiocese does not take the position, “It’s just an accusation, so we can’t offer any details.” Instead, it takes the position, “The ONLY details we’ll offer are the ones that portray us in the best possible light.” Why aren’t they disclosing the priest’s name?

This just feels wrong to us, like there is secrecy in the Denver Archdiocese. It also contradicts the Catholic Church’s 20-year-old national abuse policy that supposedly mandates ‘openness’ in abuse cases. In fairness, let us admit that maybe we’re not seeing the whole picture here. Perhaps Aquila DID reveal the accused priest’s name, but local media is withholding it. But while sometimes one or two media outlets might act so cautiously, rarely, every news outlet in a relatively large metro area like Denver refuses to name an alleged offender.

A second possibility is that maybe Aquila has told his parishioners, but not the press, who this accused cleric is. That, too, sometimes happens, but it’s rare. When a Catholic official tells a few hundred people that a priest has been accused of child sex crimes, almost always, at least one of them passes the word along to one or more media outlets and the identity accused surfaces. So our very strong hunch is that Aquila is deliberately – and recklessly – keeping the alleged predator priest’s name hidden.

Let’s also note other worrisome choices of words in the archdiocesan announcement. It seems designed to minimize the possible crime, using words like ‘touching’ (instead of assaulting or molesting), ‘minor’ (instead of boy or girl), and ‘in a public space’, as if to suggest that if it were done there, it must not be too bad or someone would have seen it happen.

The archdiocese further says that the priest has been a ‘priest in good standing’ and has denied the allegation, neither of which adds anything helpful here. (After all, almost EVERY child molester is ‘in good standing with his employer BEFORE he’s accused of sexually violating a child.)
The only way to potentially decide whether Aquila is being secretive or disingenuous in this matter is to look at whether he’s been secretive or disingenuous in the past.

And we submit that the best measure of this is his archdiocesan list of child molesting clerics. Compare that list with the one put out by the independent and reliable archive

Here’s the archdiocese’s list:
Here’s BishopAccountability’s list:

The archdiocese’s list claims 27 offenders, while the latter includes 42. It becomes pretty clear that Aquila is being secretive once again.

Finally, it’s troubling that Aquila’s list provides so little information about the predators. In fact, under each priest’s name, it gives only three dates: when they were born, when they were ordained, and their status.

Is it helpful to know when a child molesting cleric began his life? Not really. Is it helpful to know when he/she officially became a priest or nun or bishop? Maybe, but not really. Is it helpful to know when he/she died or was defrocked or was excardinated? Somewhat. but again, it would be MUCH more helpful to know:

  1. Where he/she worked, every location, both inside and outside the diocese.

2. How much time did church officials protect the predator between the first abuse report and his/her suspension and/or exposure.

And, of course, it would be beneficial to see, on church credibly accused cleric lists, a strong appeal from the Catholic hierarchy to victims, witnesses, and whistleblowers to come forward. Who knows if language like this might gently prod someone scared or pessimistic to pick up the phone and call law enforcement: “As your bishop, I implore you to take one step toward reversing centuries of hurtful secrecy in our church by calling police or prosecutors if you have any information or suspicions that might help them determine the truth of allegations against these clerics, whether they’re alive or dead, in our diocese or elsewhere.”

Again, who knows what impact this might have? But if this kind of language nudges even one witness, or whistleblower to call secular authorities, isn’t it worth it? And how will we know if a clear, strong appeal like this is practical unless bishops give it a try?

Last but not least, how about a middle name, or at least an initial for credibly accused clerics like Charles Brown or Tim Evans or Greg Smith or John Stein? There must be dozens of them in Colorado.
Let’s say you’re a single mom with kids in an apartment building. A guy with one of these names lives next door to you. Thanks to Archbishop Aquila’s ever-so-limited disclosure, it won’t be easy for you to figure out whether he is actually the credibly accused child molesting cleric or not.
And Aquila could remedy this very easily, but once again, he chooses not to. So, yes, there seems to be secrecy in the Denver Archdiocese, but that isn’t surprising at all.

Kassandra Moore Horowitz Law

Bradenton Teacher Kassandra Moore Sentenced to 20 Years in Jail For Sex With a Student

Kassandra Moore, a former private school teacher in Bradenton, Florida, was sentenced on May 10, 2022, at the Manatee County Judicial Center after pleading guilty to four counts of sexual battery of a minor and one count of transmission of harmful material to a minor.  She was first arrested three years ago for having sex on multiple occasions with her 15-year-old male student. The now 18-year-old stated in court that after the ordeal began, he spent a year and a half without leaving his bedroom. He said he blamed himself and even attempted to take his own life.

Moore was sentenced to 20 years in prison, followed by two years of house arrest, and then eight years of sexual predator probation. The judge stated it was the longest term of supervision he could possibly order. As part of her supervision, she was also ordered to undergo another psychological evaluation within 30 days of her release from prison and undergo any treatment or take any medication prescribed. She was also ordered to attend sex offender treatment.

Moore was arrested in June 2019 after Bradenton police conducted a two-month investigation. According to the arrest affidavit, the victim’s classmate went to the school principal with information about Moore and the teen, including a suggestive and flirtatious conversation thread shared between Moore and the victim over Instagram. The school then notified the police in April 2019.  

Kassandra Moore, now 33, was a teacher at The Broach School, a private K-12 school in Bradenton with a focus on students with special needs, including learning disabilities and emotional difficulties. Multiple media reports say that Moore was newly married and sometimes used her married name of Kassandra Thomas. The arrest affidavit states that the interaction between Moore and her 15-year-old ninth-grade student started with questions about a homework assignment but escalated to sexual intercourse.  Texts by Moore read, “I wanted to just grab you and kiss you, but I didn’t want to make the first move, and you reject me.”

Investigation of Kassandra Moore

During the investigation, Bradenton Police spoke to the teen victim. He showed investigators several screenshots of lewd “selfie-style” pictures that Moore sent him, including pictures of her in lingerie with her body parts exposed and posed sexually. He also told detectives that the two arranged to meet in several locations during after-school hours, including Moore’s car and at the G.T. Bray Park – where they engaged in sexual acts. 

When investigators approached Moore, she attempted to coerce a colleague into providing a false alibi for her and also sent someone a message asking how to remotely delete messages and images from another person’s phoneHer colleague did not corroborate her alibi and instead assisted with the investigation. Moore provided a seven-page statement to the school and police, including purported alibis for each allegation. None of the alibis provided proved to be true, according to police.

The 15-year-old’s version of events was substantiated through DNA evidence after they recovered a used condom from G.T. Bray Park and matched the genetic profile to Moore. The investigators also obtained video surveillance taken at the school, which clearly showed Moore and the boy together in her car. As a result, they were able to determine that Moore and the boy had sex four times between March 23 and March 29, 2019. Moore was placed on administrative leave after  The Broach School administrators received the allegations. She was fired within days of the officers launching the investigation.

Schools are educational institutions in which children should be able to learn and develop skills in a nurturing environment. It is expected that they are safe from violence, bullying, harassment, and sexual abuse.  Teachers and coaches are entrusted to facilitate learning and support the educational needs of their students. Someone who sexually violates young children has no place working in the school system. Any school in which such a crime is committed should take responsibility if they fail to properly screen potential teachers and protect their students. 

Horowitz Law is a law firm representing victims and survivors of sexual abuse in schools and other educational settings. If you or a loved one was sexually abused, raped, or sexually molested by a principal, teacher, or another school employee, contact our law firm at (888) 283-9922 or send an e-mail to sexual abuse lawyer, Adam Horowitz, at for a free consultation.

Raul Albites Horowitz Law

Broward County Cheer Coach Raul Albites Arrested For Sexual Misconduct With 14-Year-Old Girl

On April 19, 2022, the US Marshal Service arrested a Broward County cheerleading coach for sexual misconduct with his then 14-year-old student. Raul Albites, age 39, was an employee and coach at Broward Elite All-Stars gym in Davie, Florida. Albites met the girl when she began cheerleading training at Broward Elite at age 11. According to media reports, Albites and the teen initially had private coaching sessions.  The close mentoring relationship changed when Raul Albites began sending the minor inappropriate, sexually-charged text messages and then progressed to unlawful sexual abuse. Albites’ misconduct led the girl to believe she was in a romantic relationship with her coach.

According to law enforcement records, in August 2020, the victim’s mother witnessed Albites embracing and kissing her daughter behind the gym near a trash dumpster. When the mother confronted Albites, he claimed it was a misunderstanding and just a friendly kiss on the cheek. She also noticed inappropriate daily texting and FaceTiming with her daughter even when not at the gym. The mother later looked through her daughter’s cellphone and discovered texts between her daughter and Albites that said he loved her and “that he would leave his wife when she turned 18, so they could get married.” Albites also wrote, “I sleep and dream of you … and I am committed to what we are doing.” Albites clearly knew he was in the wrong, as texts showed him writing, “I have everything to lose to be with you.” 

Reports state that the now 16-year-old teenager confessed to prosecutors that Albites attempted to “digitally penetrate her vagina” and touched her breasts and buttocks. She stated she was too scared to come forward for two years.

Albites was charged with enticement of a minor and is currently in the Broward County Jail. According to court documents, the Judge found “clear and convincing evidence that Albites presents a danger to the community and that there are no conditions or combination of conditions that will reasonably assure the safety of others and the community if Albites is released before trial.” Albites faces a possible mandatory minimum sentence of 10 years and a maximum sentence of up to life in prison.

Broward Elite All-Stars has permanently closed since COVID-19, but another student told reporters that she “always felt something was just not right with him.” Another former coach at Broward Elite stated, “I don’t even know if I can put it into words. To me, it’s just absolutely horrifying and disgusting.” She also noted that the gym took the safety and security of its students very seriously. She said the gym had two cameras in the gym and in the back office and that background checks were required. She thinks there could be more victims. 

It should be expected that any institutions in which children learn and develop skills offer an environment in which they are safe from predatory sexual abuse. Athletic coaches are entrusted to facilitate learning and support the educational and training needs of their players. Anyone who sexually violates children has no place working in community or school athletic programs. Any organization in which such a crime is committed must take responsibility for failing to properly screen potential coaches and protect their players. 

Horowitz Law is a law firm representing survivors of sexual abuse. We have handled multiple cases of sexual abuse by authority figures in schools. If you or a loved one was sexually abused, assaulted, raped, or molested by a coach, principal, teacher, or other school employees, contact our law firm at (888) 283-9922 or send an e-mail to sexual abuse lawyer Adam Horowitz at for a free consultation.

Sergio Borges Horowitz Law

Orlando Massage Therapist Sergio Borges Arrested, Admits to Sexual Battery on Patient

Orlando massage therapist, Sergio Da Silva Borges, was arrested on May 2, 2022, on a charge that he committed sexual battery on a female client during a spa appointment. According to media reports, a criminal complaint was filed at the Orange County Sheriff’s Office by a woman claiming that Borges sexually assaulted her during two massage appointments. The two incidents occurred at Path Medical, located on South Orange Blossom Trail in Orlando, where she was getting massage therapy after a previous slip and fall accident. 

Law enforcement records state that Sergio Da Silva Borges allegedly rubbed up against the woman during one appointment while her daughter was in the room. She didn’t say anything at the time, but the victim video-recorded her massage with Borges during her second therapy appointment. The video revealed that Borges once again touched her inappropriately and tried to force himself on the victim. The police investigators identified Borges in the footage, and Borges admitted the accusations to be true.

Borges is currently in jail on a sexual battery charge with no bond. Borges got his degree in Spain and worked as a Physiotherapist in Brazil until 2016. He then moved to the US and got his massage therapist license in September 2020.

When clients schedule a massage, it is to decompress from the stresses of life or for rehabilitation. They trust that the massage therapists employed at the spa are carefully vetted and safe to engage with the public. It is unacceptable, immoral, and unlawful for any employee to touch a client in a sexual manner.  

Horowitz Law has filed numerous sexual assault lawsuits against massage therapists on behalf of clients who were inappropriately touched at various massage salons and spas. If you have been a victim of sexual assault or sexual battery during a massage, or if you know someone who has, please contact our law firm at (888) 283-9922 or send an e-mail to sexual abuse lawyer Adam Horowitz for massage clients at for a free consultation.

Pedophile priests and alcohol Horowitz Law

The Correlation Between Pedophile Priests and Alcohol 

Pedophile priests and alcohol tend to go hand-in-hand. This statement is especially true for Fr. Stephen Kiesle, a California predator priest, who was recently arrested for killing a man while driving drunk. The news of this incident presents a few disturbing facts.

    • Many predator priests are still alive.
    • Most of them have not been defrocked (and are thus still getting paid by church officials).
    • Most of them live unsupervised, on their own, among unsuspecting neighbors.

If they have already broken laws by molesting children, common sense suggests they’re apt to do it again. This is especially true if they essentially escaped consequences for their child sex crimes. Kiesle was no exception. 

Fr. Stephen Kiesle, a twice-convicted child molester, was charged last week in a fatal crash that killed a man walking on a sidewalk with his wife in Walnut Creek, California. Fr. Kiesle has also been accused of – and repeatedly sued for – sexually abusing at least 15 children, allegedly tying up two of them. He went to prison and was put on probation. But for three years after being defrocked, Catholic officials let him volunteer in youth ministry at a parish. (Fr. Kiesle worked in at least four California cities – Pinole, Fremont, Union City, and Oakland – and had homes in two others – Truckee and Walnut Creek.)

As you might imagine, Fr. Kiesle is far from the only cleric to abuse both kids and alcohol. Many other examples of Catholic officials generated controversy because of their committing or concealing child sex crimes AND drinking excessively. It is even often regarded as the “curse of the Catholic clergy.” Here are just a handful:

There are generally two schools of thought about clerics like this. Some argue that those who assault kids or adults – or ignore or hide such assaults – drink heavily to mask their deep feelings of guilt or remorse.

Others maintain, however, that many of them are sociopaths who give little or no thought to the feelings or safety of others and drink to excess in part because they believe that they’re above the rules that apply to other people. According to research, alcohol has measurable effects on sexual arousal and risk-taking. A few drinks can increase the likelihood that a person will become the perpetrator or the victim of sexual assault and make a person more likely to have unprotected sex or pursue some object of desire that would be taboo under more sober circumstances.

Making a determination like this, is as they say ‘above our pay grade’ here at Horowitz Law. But this we DO know that ignoring wrongdoing encourages wrongdoing. And assuming that wrongdoers don’t need to face the consequences because they’ve supposedly changed or reformed or learned their lesson is reckless. It’s the opposite of prudence and justice. Every human being is accountable for their actions, priest or not. Nobody is above the law.

Predatory Jesuit Priests Horowitz Law

New Revelations About Predatory Jesuit Priests in the US

At first glance, there’s really nothing all that shocking about this headline “An investigation by The Dallas Morning News reveals that accusations against priests dating back to the 1960s were ignored, and predatory Jesuit priests were relocated to conceal allegations.”

Except perhaps when it was written. It wasn’t in the 1980s or 1990s or 2000s, or 2010s. It was last month. That’s right. Just last month, we learned that “14 priests who were stationed at Jesuit College Preparatory School in Dallas are credibly accused of sexually abusing children at some point in their careers.”

This would not be particularly noteworthy if not for a few inconvenient facts.

    1. The Jesuits posture as the ‘cream of the crop’ among Catholics. They are usually among the very most well-educated and well-connected Catholic clergy.
    2. They run dozens and dozens of schools. So, if ever there were a Catholic entity that should bend over backward to be honest and transparent about abuse and cover-ups, it’s the Jesuits.

But sadly, they don’t. And sadly, there’s plenty of blame to go around here. Besides the Jesuits, several diocesan bishops are doing little or nothing to help protect the vulnerable or help the wounded heal from these child molesting clerics. For example, Bishop Gregory Parkes of the St. Petersburg-Tampa Diocese. At least seven newly-identified clerics were (and who knows, one or more of them may still be) in his diocese. They include: 

    • Fr. Thomas J. Naughton, Fr. Francis M. Landwermeyer, Fr. Vincent A. Orlando, Fr. Claude P. Boudreaux, all of whom worked at Jesuit High School in Tampa.
    • Fr. Patrick H. Koch worked at Sacred Heart Academy in Tampa. 
    • Fr. Norman J. Rogge and Fr. Thomas J. Hidding, both of whom worked at Jesuit High School and Sacred Heart Church, both in Tampa.

But Parkes is not alone. Besides heading a Catholic diocese and sharing a title, what do the following prelates have in common?

New Orleans Archbishop Gregory Aymond, Orange California Bishop Kevin Vann, Miami Archbishop Thomas Wenski, Shreveport Bishop Francis Malone, Houston Archbishop Daniel DiNardo, Dallas Bishop Edward Burns, Corpus Christi Bishop William Mulvey, Mobile Archbishop Thomas Rodi, Atlanta Archbishop Wilton Gregory, Boston Cardinal Sean O’Malley, Baltimore Archbishop William Lori, and El Paso Bishop Mark Seitz.

Due to a recent settlement, each of these prelates now knows that one or more child molesting Jesuit clerics are in their dioceses, and each is doing little or nothing to tell their flocks about these offenders.

The recent Jesuits settlement was made and publicized in Texas. It, of course, made the news across the state. But sadly, we at Horowitz Law have seen little if any attention in the news in California, Louisiana, Alabama, Maryland, Massachusetts, or Georgia, where many of these 14 predators lived or worked.

Why is it so important that each of these bishops do more to alert the public and parishioners about these abusive Jesuits? In part because an investigation by The Dallas Morning News reveals that accusations against priests dating back to the 1960s were ignored, and predatory priests were relocated to conceal allegations.

In other words, past and current church officials have practiced self-serving secrecy and recklessness for decades. If that is ever to change, current church officials must act radically different. Warning citizens and congregants of the names and work histories of known molesters is the place to start doing this. In 2020, a news article came out titled, “Despite revelations of clergy sex abuse and promises of transparency, a prominent Jesuit university does little to punish priests who cross the line.” Nothing has changed.

Here are just some of the places where these 14 abusers have worked:

    • Miami: Fr. Thomas J. Hiding worked at Gesù Parish.
    • El Paso: Fr. Thomas J. Naughton, Fr. Patrick Walsh, and Fr. Benjamin Wren worked at Jesuit High School.
    • Shreveport: Fr. Naughton worked at St. John’s Co-Cathedral, Fr. Donald Dickerson worked at St. John Berchman parish, Br. Claude L. Ory was at St. John’s parish, and three priests – Fr. Claude P. Boudreaux, Fr. Charles G. Coyle, and Fr. Francis M. Landwermeyer – all worked at Jesuit High School, all in Shreveport.
    • Houston: Fr. Coyle, Fr. Naughton, Fr. Walsh, Fr. Benjamin Smylie, and Fr. Vincent A. Orlando worked at Strake Jesuit College Preparatory.
    • Dallas: Fr. Coyle, Fr. Dickerson, Fr. Orlando, Fr. Wren, Fr. Boudreaux, and Fr. Walsh all worked at Jesuit College Preparatory School and/or Jesuit High.
    • Corpus Christi: Fr. Patrick H. Koch and Fr. Walsh worked at Corpus Christi Minor Seminary, and Walsh also worked at Jesuit High School, both in Mulvey’s diocese.)
    • New Orleans: Fr. Coyle, Fr. Landwermeyer, Fr. Dickerson, Fr. Harding and Fr. Koch, Fr. Walsh, Fr. Boudreaux, Fr. Naughton, Fr. Wren and Br. Ory often moved between Jesuit High School, Holy Cross High School, Tulane University, and Loyola University. (Fr. Boudreaux also worked at Immaculate Conception parish, and Fr. Hiding also worked at Holy Name of Jesus parish.)
    • Mobile: Br. Ory worked at Spring Hill College in Alabama.
    • Atlanta: Fr. Coyle worked at the Ignatius House Retreat Center in Georgia.
    • Boston: Fr. Coyle worked at Newton High School in Boston.
    • Baltimore: Fr. Coyle worked at Woodstock College in Maryland.
    • Orange CA: Fr. Naughton worked at St. Killian parish in Mission Viejo.
    • Sri Lanka: Fr. Boudreaux worked in Batticaloa. 
    • Italy: Fr. Boudreaux also worked at the Curia of the Society of Jesus in Rome.

If past and present church officials have practiced self-serving secrecy and recklessness for decades, then radical change must occur now. Church officials need to be completely transparent with their members and citizens. Everyone deserves to know the truth about sexual predators. It must start now!

Horowitz Law is a law firm representing victims and survivors of sexual abuse by Catholic priests and other clergies nationwide. If you need a lawyer because you were sexually abused by a priest, contact our office today. Our lawyers have decades of experience representing survivors of clergy sexual abuse.  Contact us at (888) 283-9922 or to discuss your options today. We can help.