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Mr. Andre C. Butler (Lay Employee) – Diocese of Erie

Mr. Andre C. Butler
Diocese of Erie

Summary of Sexual Abuse Allegations against Mr. Andre C. Butler :

Mr. Andre C. Butler is listed in the Diocese of Erie’s public list of priests and lay employees of the Diocese of Erie who have been credibly accused of actions that, in the diocese’s judgment, disqualify them from working with children. According to the Diocese’s statement accompanying its list, “[e]very person named on this list was credibly accused of actions that, in the diocese’s judgment, disqualify that person from working with children.  Such actions could include the use of child pornography, furnishing pornography to minors, corruption of minors, violating a child-protection policy, failure to prevent abuse that they knew to be happening, and — in some cases — direct physical sexual abuse or sexual assault of minors.  Allegations were corroborated by secular legal proceedings, canon law proceedings, self-admission by the individual, or threshold evidence.”

The Diocese of Erie has not released any information about the allegation(s) against Butler, including the age/gender of his victim(s) or the number of allegation(s) made against him. All that is known is that he was an agency lay employee when the accused abuse took place.

Butler is currently residing in Rosedale, New York, according to the Diocese of Erie.

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