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Headmaster of Kingdom Preparatory School Arrested for Molestation of Student

Charles Felipe Aguon II, the 34-year old headmaster at Kingdom Preparatory private school in Auburndale, is facing criminal charges of molesting a 15-year old male student.  Aguon is an ordained minister and also works at the school as football coach and seventh/eighth grade teacher.  Aguon reportedly met the boy at school and is alleged to have had sexual contact with the boy off campus at his home in Davenport, Florida in November and December 2018.

During a phone call monitored by law enforcement between Aguon and the boy, the teen told Aguon he felt uncomfortable and did not like when Aguon kissed and touched him.  Aguon then asked the boy, “Oh, the loving on you?”  After the teen said he didn’t like it when Aguon touched his private parts, kissed him and bit his lip, Aguon then said, “You know I was only messing with you,” according to the arrest affidavit. After being arrested at Kingdom Preparatory School, Aguon admitted to kissing the boy and fondling him over the clothes.  He further told detectives that he knew his behavior was inappropriate and that he should not have done it.

According to law enforcement records from the Polk County Sheriff’s office, Aguon and the boy “dry humped” to simulate having sex with their clothes on.  Aguon also allegedly fondled the boy’s genitals over and under the clothes, kissed the boy, and taught him how to shave his private parts.  Law enforcement expressed concern that there may be other victims.  Aguon lives in Davenport with three other men who are teachers at the school.  He was known affectionately by the students as “Pastor Tiger”.  Aguon also served as a football coach and as an associate pastor at Miracle Tabernacle of Praise, which is affiliated with Kingdom Prep.

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