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Teenage Boy Allegedly Molests 3 Year-Old Girl at In-Home Daycare in Pasco County

Lucius-Gibson-300x300A 16 year-old boy from Pasco County, Florida is accused of molesting a 3 year-old girl at his mother’s daycare operated in their home. Lucius Isaiah Gibson, who goes by Isaiah, allegedly inserted his penis into the mouth of the child during nap time at his mother’s daycare, Thomas Gibson Family Day Care.

According to police, the incident took place during nap time, a time when the children were unsupervised. The 3 year-old victim told her parents about what happened.  Investigators believe that four other children, both boys and girls, may have been molested by Gibson. In addition to charging Gibson sexual battery, the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office is considering filing child neglect charges against Gibson’s mother and her employees.

In 2013, the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office investigated similar allegations of “inappropriate touching” of a young child by Gibson.  Detectives at the time did not feel they had enough evidence to arrest Gibson, nor did the parents of the child decide to press charges.

According to police, Gibson admitted unintentionally exposing himself in front of the children but denied all other allegations.  The daycare’s operation have been suspended for 90 days pending further investigation.

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Youth Pastor Arrested for Allegedly Impregnating 10 year-old Girl

070116+raymond+vincentFort Lauderdale youth pastor Raymond Vincent, age 46, was arrested after he allegedly impregnated a 10 year-old girl and fled to Haiti.  Vincent has a history of sex-related charges as he was accused of molesting another child in 2011.

Doctors discovered that the young girl was pregnant after she went to the hospital complaining of stomach pain. Police believe that Vincent may have lured the young girl into his home with food. According to local news reports, the girl told the police that while she was sleeping on a couch she awakened to a hand down her pants.  She saw Vincent, who quickly removed his hand from under the blanket, over her. Vincent then pretended to check on another sleeping child to disguise his actions. The young girl then locked herself in the bathroom and alerted her mother. It is not clear whether Vincent allegedly raped the girl before or after the couch incident.

In 2012, Vincent was acquitted of four counts of child molestation while a youth pastor at a Pompano Beach church. He was alleged to have molested a young girl after luring her into his home with food in 2011.

Vincent is being held in Broward County jail without bond facing charges of sex battery and lewd and lascivious conduct.

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