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Buffalo Bishop Michael Fisher

Buffalo Bishop Lists Some Bad Jesuits But Ignores Others

A few weeks ago, on this blog, we were highly critical of the Diocese of Buffalo Catholic officials and how they’re handling abuse cases.

So let’s be charitable now and start on a high note: To its credit, unlike some other dioceses, the Buffalo Catholic diocese includes religious order offenders on its ‘credibly accused’ list.

(Some church ‘accused’ lists include only diocesan clerics.)


This is important for many reasons, one of which is simple: many times, religious order priests, brothers, monks and seminarians have even greater access to kids than diocesan clerics, because they often work in schools or a vulnerable population.

For example, Buffalo church officials include the following Jesuit clerics on their ‘credibly accused’ list, all of whom worked at Canisius High School, college or both:

Fr. Peter Conroy

Fr. Raymond Fullam

Fr. Vincent Mooney

Fr. James Gould (who also worked at St. Ann’s parish in Buffalo)

Fr. Cornelius Carr (who also worked at St. Michael’s parish in Buffalo).

Sadly, however, that’s where the good news about the Buffalo diocese ends.

While Bishop Michael Fisher includes SOME predatory Jesuits on his list, he ignores others, even thought they too have been found to be ‘credibly accused’ by their own Jesuit supervisors.

Here are a few of them (who also were at Canisius high school or college):

Fr. Thomas F. Denny, who worked in Brooklyn, Staten Island and New York City, largely in schools (Fordham Prep in the Bronx, McQuaid Jesuit in Rochester and St. Peter’s Prep in Jersey City). Twice, he spent time overseas (Nigeria and Puerto Rico).



Fr. John L. Farrand, who admitted molesting while in the Buffalo diocese to his church supervisors. He worked in at least three other New York locations (Rochester, Brooklyn and New York City) and overseas twice (France and Puerto Rico).



Fr. William J. Scanlon, who was at the college between 1976 and 1980 and reportedly admitted the abuse to church officials.

Fr. Scanlon also worked in Rochester, New York City, Jersey City, the Bronx and in Nigeria. He was also on the Fordham University campus.



As you may have noticed, the latter two clerics, Fr. Farrand and Fr. Scanlon, reportedly ADMITTED abusing. And Fr. Farrand’s abuse happened IN THE BUFFALO DIOCESE.

So how on earth do Buffalo church officials explain keeping these men off of their ‘credibly accused’ list?

And speaking of credibly accused religious order abusers, several of them who worked in Buffalo are now elsewhere. They include Thomas Marshall, James Burson, Michael Kolodziej, Linus Kopczewski, Rene Maynard, Bernard Splawski and James Smyka, all of whom are all reportedly “living outside Buffalo Diocese.”


But that should be little consolation or reassurance to Buffalo area Catholics or citizens. Moving child molesters somewhere else doesn’t ‘cure’ them.

Buffalo Catholic officials would have to admit that, knowingly or unknowingly, they or their predecessors have in disputably let dangerous and potentially dangerous clerics be around and sometimes hurt innocent Buffalo area kids.

So given that fact, shouldn’t these same Buffalo Catholic officials NOW desperately want to ‘make up for’ their wrongdoing or mistakes? Shouldn’t they be anxious to prevent future harm to kids by stopping those very same dangerous or potentially dangerous priests from being around and hurting innocent kids in Massachusetts or Ohio or Texas?

Or if Buffalo church staffers can’t prevent these quiet transfers, shouldn’t they want to at least shout from the rooftops “Hey, these child molesters were here in our diocese and now they’re in your diocese. Be careful!”

But that’s not happening. Buffalo Bishop Michael Fischer won’t even use his own website to tell the public where Fr. Marshall, Fr. Burson, Fr. Maynard and the others are now living or were living when they were shipped out of Buffalo.

And how about two other ‘credibly accused’ clerics on the Buffalo diocesan list: Fr. Theodore Podson, who is reportedly “living in the Philippines,” or Fr. Benedict Barszcz, who has reportedly “returned to Poland.”

Both of these are heavily Catholic nations in which clergy sex crimes and cover ups have only begun to surface in recent years and in which, we submit, parents are even more trusting of priests and thus youngsters are even more vulnerable to the predatory ones.

What are Buffalo’s bishop and his staff doing to alert parishioners, police, prosecutors and the public in those countries to the presence of these predators?

Finally, according to BishopAccountability.org, the Buffalo diocese’s 2018 ‘credibly accused’ list “provided no information, besides (the accused) names and death years. Assignment histories were not included; nor were the number or nature of allegations detailed. . .”

There’s just one word for this vagueness: self-serving. This lack of detail helps no one but complicit church officials.

Jesuit Society of Jesus Horowitz Law

Eleven Jesuits Accused of Sexual Abuse Have Florida Connections

The Jesuits U.S. Central and Southern Province has released the names of forty two Jesuits with credible allegations of sexual abuse of a minor.  The list includes eleven Jesuits with ties to the State of Florida. 

The Jesuits are also known as the Society of Jesuits.  They have more than 16,000 priests and brothers worldwide and are the largest male religious order in the Catholic Church.

The Jesuits’ list contains the names of Jesuits who are or were members of the U.S. Central and Southern (UCS) Province and its predecessor entities: the New Orleans Province, the Missouri Province, or the Independent Region of Puerto Rico of the Society of Jesus.   The following is the complete list of credibly accused Jesuits:

  • Michael O. Barry, SJ
  • Charles Bartles, SJ
  • Jody Blanchard, SJ 
  • Claude P. Boudreaux, SJ
  • John Campbell, SJ
  • Cornelius J. Carr, SJ (New York Province which is now part of USA Northeast Province)
  • Mark A. Clark, SJ
  • Francis X. Cleary SJ
  • James A. Condon, SJ (Chicago Province which is now part of USA Midwest Province)
  • Charles G. Coyle, SJ
  • Edward D. DeRussy, SJ
  • Donald Dickerson, SJ
  • Burton J. Fraser, SJ (Wisconsin Province which is now part of USA Midwest Province)
  • Chester E. Gaiter, SJ
  • Thomas J. Hatrel, SJ
  • Thomas J. Hidding, SJ
  • John W. Hough, SJ
  • Francis J. Kegel, SJ
  • Dennis P. Kirchoff, SJ
  • Bernard P. Knoth, SJ (Chicago Province which is now part of USA Midwest Province)
  • Philip D. Kraus, SJ
  • Francis M. Landwermeyer, SJ
  • Gerhardt B. Lehmkuhl, SJ
  • Alfonso Madrid, SJ (Province of Mexico)
  • Eugene A. Maio, SJ
  • Vincent R. Malatesta, SJ    
  • James L. McShane, SJ
  • Edward P. Murphy, SJ
  • Thomas J. Naughton, SJ (Priest of the New Orleans Province, NOT Brother Thomas Naughton of the Missouri Province)
  • Patrick H. O’Liddy, SJ
  • Vincent A. Orlando, SJ
  • Claude L. Ory, SJ (Brother, formerly in New Orleans Province, now Maryland Province)
  • Austin N. Park SJ
  • J. Donald Pearce, SJ
  • George M. Pieper, SJ
  • Paul C. Pilgram, SJ
  • Elmo J. Rogero, SJ
  • Norman J. Rogge, SJ
  • Anthony J. Short, SJ
  • Arthur O. Verdieck, SJ
  • Richard H. Witzofsky, SJ (Brother)
  • Benjamin Wren, SJ

The following individuals had an assignment at a parish or school in the State of Florida:

Thomas J. Hidding, SJ served at Gesu Parish in Miami and Jesuit High School in Tampa.  

Birth: 1950

Ordination: 1986

Status of Individual: Left Society of Jesus 2003; Deceased 2005

Estimated Timeframe of Abuse: 1980s

Removed from Ministry: 2002

Vincent A. Orlando, SJ – worked at Jesuit High School in Tampa.

Birth: 1941

Ordination: 1974

Status of Individual: Removed from ministry and lives under supervision

Estimated Timeframe of Abuse: 1980s 

Removed from Ministry: 2002 

Claude P. Boudreaux, SJ – worked at Jesuit High School in Tampa, FL 

Birth: 1924

Ordination: 1955

Status of Individual: Deceased 2016 

Estimated Timeframe of Abuse: 1960s 

Removed from Ministry: 2004 

Edward D. DeRussy, SJ – worked at Jesuit High School in Tampa; served in Sacred Heart Church in Tampa; St. Joseph Church in Zephyrhills; and St. Benedict Church in Zephyrhills, Florida.

Ordination: 1957

Status of Individual: Deceased 2001 

Estimated Timeframe of Abuse: 1970s

Removed from Ministry: Restricted from ministry with minors 1991 

Austin N. Park, SJ – worked at Gesu Parish in Miami and Sacred Heart Schurch in Tampa

Birth: 1918

Ordination: 1955

Status of Individual: Deceased 2013 

Estimated Timeframe of Abuse: 1960s 

Removed from Ministry: N/A – already out of ministry due to dementia when allegations received

Francis M. Landwermeyer, SJ – worked at Jesuit High School in Tampa

Birth: 1934

Ordination: 1966

Status of Individual: Left Society of Jesus and Priesthood, 2011; Deceased 2018

Estimated Timeframe of Abuse: 1960s, 1970s 

Removed from Ministry: 2010

 J. Donald Pearce, SJ – worked at Gesu Parish in Miami

Birth: 1925

Ordination: 1959

Status of Individual: Deceased 2016

Estimated Timeframe of Abuse: 1960s

Removed from Ministry: Retired from Ministry in 2003 due to poor health

Norman J. Rogge, SJ – worked at Jesuit High School in Tampa and Sacred Heart Church in Tampa

Birth: 1925

Ordination: 1956

Status of Individual: Deceased 2009 

Estimated Timeframe of Abuse: 1960s, 1970s 

Removed from Ministry: 2002

Cornelius J. Carr, SJ  – worked at St. Augustine Cathedral Basilica in St. Augustine and Christ the King Church in Jacksonville)

Birth: 1920 

Ordination: 1951

Status of Individual: Deceased 2013

Estimated Timeframe of Abuse: 1970s, 1990s

Removed from Ministry: 2005 (by the New York Province due to allegations they received)

Thomas J. Hatrel, SJ – worked at Jesuit High School in Tampa

Birth: 1922

Ordination: 1952

Status of Individual: Deceased 1988

Estimated Timeframe of Abuse: 1980s while applied to the Oregon Province

Removed from Ministry: N/A – deceased when allegation received

Charles Bartles, SJ  –  worked at St. Ann Church Churh in West Palm Beach and Jesuit High School in Tampa

Birth: 1936 

Ordination: 1965

Status of Individual: Deceased 1993

Estimated Timeframe of Abuse: 1970s or 1980s

Removed from Ministry: N/A – deceased when listed

Attorney Adam Horowitz represents children and adults who were victims of sexual abuse by clergymen of all denominations in civil lawsuits.  If you or someone you know was a victim of sexual abuse or sexual assault by a Jesuit priest or brother,  contact our law firm at (954) 641-2100 or send an email to sexual abuse attorney Adam Horowitz at adam@adamhorowitzlaw.com