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Mr. Lewis A. Kocher – Diocese of Erie

Mr. Lewis Kocher

Diocese of Erie

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Summary of Sexual Abuse Allegations against Mr. Lewis Kocher:

According to media reports, in April 2019, Mr. Lewis Kocher, a former choir director, was included in the Diocese of Erie list of lay people associated with the church who have been credibly accused of actions that, in the diocese’s judgment, disqualify that person from working with children. These actions range from corruption of minors to direct physical sexual abuse or sexual assault of minors.

The Diocese of Erie has not released any information about the allegation(s) against Kocher, including the age/gender of his victim(s), the number of allegation(s) made against him, or the misconduct he is alleged to have committed.

In Fall 2017, he briefly worked as a music director at Hudson Presbyterian Church in Hudson, Ohio. Kocher is currently living in Springfield, Ohio, according to the Diocese of Erie. According to his personal website, Kocher also offers music lessons to beginner, intermediate, and advanced piano students.  He maintains a site hosted by DeviantArt.com as well.

The Diocese of Erie has no control over his contact with children at any other location outside of the Catholic parishes and schools of the Diocese of Erie.

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