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Thinking of Lending a Hand to a Predator? Think Again!

Thinking you might want to help a predator? Think again!

A Massachusetts man may lose his teaching post. . .at Harvard. A Montana woman has lost her freedom. . .for 100 years. What’s the common denominator?

Both are accused, in different ways, of helping predators.

And what’s the lesson here?

Society is getting tougher on those who aid and abet known and suspected predators.

Let’s look at each case.

—Last week, Professor Martin Nowak was put on leave “amid revelations he took extraordinary steps to help Jeffrey Epstein ‘rehabilitate his image’ after his 2008 sex-crimes conviction, including signing off on flattering and false descriptions of the convicted sex offender on Harvard’s website.”

An investigation found that, over 15 years, Nowak gave Epstein unparalleled access to the school’s Program for Evolutionary Dynamics, his own Harvard office and phone line, allowed Epstein to continue to maintain ties with the Ivy League school and political community even after his conviction.

“Epstein continued his relationship with Nowak after prison,” reports The Daily Beast. “Between 2010 and 2018, Epstein visited the program’s offices in Harvard Square ‘more than 40 times’ and was routinely accompanied on these visits by young women, described as being in their 20s, who acted as his assistants.”


—Last week, Kimberly Elvera Feigert of Helena, who pleaded guilty to delivering children to a convicted rapist, was sentenced to a century in prison

A prosecutor testified that he believes Feigert has not fully taken responsibility for her actions. He cited “a large amount of correspondence between Feigert and the child rapist in which the two planned their crimes,” but Feigert still claims to not remember taking part in them.

Feigert was also accused of taking and distributing sexual photographs of a girl under age 10.

In the Harvard case, the ‘pay off’ was Epstein’s millions in donations.

In the Montana case, it’s unclear what the ‘pay off’ was.

But in both cases, the ‘enabler’ was caught and punished. And this is happening more and more often across the board.

Remember: it’s doubtful harsh consequences will deter predators. But harsh consequences WILL deter enablers, at least those who are somewhat rational (versus those who are ‘brainwashed’ in a cult, for example).

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