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Mr. Randolph A. Byrd (Teacher) – Diocese of Erie

Mr. Randolph A. Byrd
Diocese of Erie

Mr. Randolph A Byrd Horowitz Law
Summary of Sexual Abuse Allegations against Mr. Randolph A. Byrd:

Mr. Randolph Byrd was accused of sexual abuse by a now 53-year-old woman. Byrd was a teacher at Mercyhurst Preparatory High School in the Diocese of Erie. The victim graduated in 1983 and was abused from 1981 to 1982.

According to media interviews, Byrd groomed the victim for abuse by singling her out over her grades or comparing her to a “favorite student” at a previous school.  As the abuse escalated to physical encounters, he became more possessive. He would sit near the victim’s mother at parent-teacher conferences and show up unannounced, just to remind her that he always had access to her world, she said. As a result, her grades suffered and she felt afraid and ashamed.

According to the Diocese of Erie, Byrd is still alive and residing in Crozet, Virginia.

Accused priest Fr. Dennis Chludzinski was principal of Mercyhurst Prep at the time of the alleged abuse.  For more information on Chludzinski, click here.

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