Boy Scouts

Like many other youth-serving organizations, The Boy Scouts of America a problem with sexual deviants including those with an interest in children, infiltrating the ranks of adult volunteers and scout leaders. For decades, the Boy Scouts compounded this problem by maintaining secret files documenting the sexual misconduct of scout leaders. As a result, many abuse complaints were addressed internally and were not disclosed to law enforcement officials.

Similar to the relationship between a child and religious leaders, a Boy Scout is taught to obey, respect and admire his scoutmaster. From the overnight hikes to the weeklong summer camp trips, boys grow to place immense trust in their scout leaders. Eventually, it is this trust that is exploited by those who sexually abuse the boy scouts. Our experience in this cases has shown how difficult it is for scouts to come forward with abuse allegations against scout leaders.  Scouts fear retaliation, not being believed, or being ostracized from their troop.

Attorney Adam Horowitz has confronted this issue in numerous cases in which Scouts were alleged to have been sexually abused by scoutmasters and other scouts leaders. Abuse can occur on overnight trips, camp outings, sleepovers, merit badge events, or even during training. If you or someone you know was molested during their participation with the scouts, contact Horowitz Law to discuss your legal remedies.