Catholic Church & Other Religious Organizations

Sexual abuse by any member of the clergy is an egregious breach of trust.   Adam Horowitz is among the most experienced attorneys in the country in representing persons sexually abused by clergymen from the Catholic church and many other faiths.  Since 2000, Horowitz Law has handled dozens of sexual abuse cases involving various religious institutions, including but not limited to the Roman Catholic Church, the Baptist Church, the Episcopal Church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormons), and Judaism.  These cases have arisen in religious school, churches/parishes, seminaries, religious counseling and other activities sponsored by religious institutions.

In these cases, Adam Horowitz has dealt with and prevailed on complex issues involving statute of limitations, the First Amendment, and discovery of “confidential” records that the Catholic Church tried to conceal for decades.  In fighting these battles, Adam Horowitz became familiar with the church’s unique hierarchy, record-keeping policies, terminology, and defense tactics.  Most importantly, we have become familiar with the unique pain experienced by survivors of clergy sexual abuse.