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Have you been sexually abused by a Catholic priest of the Diocese of San Jose? 

We can help.

If you have been sexually abused by a Catholic priest – or anyone else working in the Diocese of San Jose – you may have an opportunity to seek justice and compensation due to a new victim compensation fund created by the Diocese of San Jose.  Horowitz Law is now evaluating legal claims for anyone sexually abused by anyone associated with the Diocese of San Jose. Contact us today at (888) 283-9922 or at adam@adamhorowitzlaw.com to learn more.

California Lawmakers recently passed a “window” during which the statute of limitations is temporarily suspended for all cases against the Diocese of San Jose, but you must act soon.

A short “window” of time, as it is often called, will allow anyone sexually abused as a child in California, including by Diocese of San Jose priests and other employees, to file lawsuits against their perpetrators and the institutions that protected and enabled the abusers.  This is the case even if the statute of limitations ran out a long time ago.  The window is now open but will only be open for a very limited time. Once the window has expired, many clergy sexual abuse claims will be forever barred.

Therefore, it is very important that you contact us today to determine your legal options against the Diocese of San Jose and anyone else who has hurt you.

Through our own investigation, our team has identified 39 clergy in the Diocese of San Jose who have been publicly accused of sexually abusing minors.

Truth is power. Through our own efforts, our lawyers have compiled what we believe is the most comprehensive list of priests and brothers accused of sexual abuse of minors who have worked in the Diocese of San Jose, and the list is expected to grow as more survivors come forward to speak their truth.  So far, we have identified 39 clergy who worked in the Diocese of San Jose who have been publicly accused of sexually abusing minors, along with nearly 50 men who were accused of abuse elsewhere but have been connected to the Diocese of San Jose in some way. In many cases, the men listed below were merely transferred from parish to parish after allegations arose, and left a long trail of victims across the Diocese of San Jose.

The men we have identified are:

According to the Diocese of San Jose, the following 47 men were accused of sexual abuse and misconduct while they worked someplace other than the San Jose Diocese, but have, at some point, resided in the Diocese of San Jose. In some cases, the men are still alive and residing in the Diocese of San Jose at facilities operated by the Jesuit province: 

  1. Fr. Rene Astruc
  2. Fr. Arnold Beezer
  3. Fr. William N. Bischoff
  4. Fr. John Joseph Brown
  5. Fr. Francis C. Burris
  6. Fr. Francis Callan
  7. Fr. Thomas E. Connolly
  8. Fr. Jules M. Convert
  9. Fr. Patrick J. Conway
  10. Fr. Robert Fr. Corrigal
  11. Fr. John A. Coughlin
  12. Fr. Arnold L. Custer
  13. Fr. Norman E. Donohue
  14. Fr. Francis E. Duffy
  15. Fr. Herold H. Ernsdorff
  16. Fr. Francis Fallert
  17. Fr. Augustin Ferretti
  18. Fr. Harold J. Grief
  19. Fr. Henry G. Hargreaves
  20. Fr. John S. Harrington
  21. Fr. Bernard A. Harris
  22. Fr. James P. Hurley
  23. Fr. John F. Hurley
  24. Fr. James E. Jacobson
  25. Fr. Gordon L. Keys
  26. Fr. David G. King
  27. Fr. Leonard A. Kohlman
  28. Fr. Jerold W. Lindner
  29. Fr. Paul Linssen
  30. Fr. John W. McDonald
  31. Fr. James M. McDonough
  32. Fr. William T. McIntyre
  33. Fr. Bernard F. McMeel
  34. Fr. John Ralph Moholy
  35. Fr. John J. Morse
  36. Fr. Cornelius K. Murphy
  37. Br. William J. Nash
  38. Fr. Joseph Obersinner
  39. Fr. Thomas E. O’Rourke
  40. Fr. Richard J. Pauson
  41. Fr. Sylvester D. Penna
  42. Fr. Eugene E. Pierre
  43. Fr. James E. Poole
  44. Fr. Edmund J. Robinson
  45. Fr. Charles A. Saalfeld
  46. Fr. Theodore St. Hilaire
  47. Fr. Gary Uhlenkott

Horowitz Law is a law firm representing victims and survivors of sexual abuse by Catholic priests and other clergy in the Diocese of San Jose in California. If you need a lawyer because you were sexually abused by a priest in one of California’s Catholic dioceses, contact our office today. Although many years have passed, those abused by Catholic clergy in the Diocese of San Jose now have legal options due to a temporary change in the law, but filing deadlines will apply so do not delay in reaching out to us. Our lawyers have decades of experience representing survivors of clergy sexual abuse in California and nationwide. We can help. 

Contact us toll-free at (888) 283-9922 or adam@adamhorowitzlaw.com to discuss your options today.