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We have a reached a tipping point in society where sexual assault/abuse victims have become empowered in record numbers to share their stories, speak out, hold perpetrators and others responsible for acts of sexual misconduct.   We have seen this development emerge in many industries and institutions.  From the clergy sexual abuse scandal to the Boy Scouts, Hollywood moguls, celebrities, and powerful politicians, we have witnessed sexual misconduct exposed amid the collective strength of victims who refused to be silenced.  

The physical and emotional pain that stems from this type of attack can be devastating. If you or someone you love has been sexually assaulted or molested, contact a lawyer for sexual assault and child molestation victims today.

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Sexual assault is an epidemic in our society. If you read the news headlines on any given day, you read about another sexual abuse scandal.  Whether it be a celebrity, clergyman, coach, doctor or a teacher, it’s always heartbreaking.  Those are the cases we handle.

For many sexual abuse victims, the hardest part is making the first phone call,  sending the first e-mail to disclose the abuse, or reaching out for help.  But when you call Horowitz Law, you will always get someone on the phone who is compassionate, patient, and willing to guide you towards justice.

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Who We Sue

Youth Athletic Leagues

Youth Athletic Leagues

Sports play an essential role in the development of youth. Participation in youth sports helps children improve the physical, social, ...

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Summer Camp

Summer Camps

The Hidden Dangers of Sexual Abuse at Summer Camp, Sleepaway Camps, Youth Camps, and Church Camps School is out and ...

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Schools and Universities

Schools and Universities

Teachers, Coaches, and Even Other Students May be Sexual Predators As a society, we entrust teachers and other school employees ...

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Massage Therapists, Spas and Massage Establishments

Sexual Abuse, Sexual Battery, Inappropriate Touching, and Lewd Behavior by a Massage Therapist or Masseuse Massage therapy is a billion dollar ...

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Law Enforcement/Police Officers

Police brutality has been in the national headlines for the past several months.  But it may surprise some people to ...

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Hollywood Sex Abuse


The “me too” movement has sparked a national awareness like never before that powerful people from all walks of life ...

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Doctors & Health Care Providers

Doctors and Healthcare Providers

Many people incorrectly assume that an act of sexual assault by a physician or healthcare provider cannot happen to them because it ...

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Daycare, Pre-Schools, and Child Care

Our law firm has handled many cases involving a parent’s worst nightmare – the sexual assault of a young child ...

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Cruise Ship

Cruise Ships

The Hidden Danger of Sexual Assault on a Cruise Ship Behind all the fun of cruise ship vacation, there is ...

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We have reached a tipping point where it has become increasingly acceptable to publicly speak about sexual misconduct and hold accountable those who neglectfully enable or create a culture that allows sexual misconduct to occur.  Our purpose in handling civil lawsuits involving sexual misconduct is not merely to right a single wrong, but to have a meaningful societal impact and deter sexual misconduct in the future.

The number one way to prevent sexual misconduct in the future is to expose and hold accountable the wrongdoers and those who failed to take appropriate safety measures to prevent it.  Many of our cases involve public safety issues and therefore garner media coverage. Whether it be a celebrity, clergyman, coach, doctor, massage therapist, or a teacher, it’s always heartbreaking.  These are the cases we handle.

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I cannot say enough great things about Adam! He is kind, caring, helpful, intelligent, and the most compassionate attorney you could ever ask for. He is a true credit to his profession. He makes you feel more like a family member instead of a client. He truly is an amazing attorney, and I would highly recommend him!!


After interviewing several lawyers about a sensitive case, I immediately knew that Adam Horowitz was the person that I needed in my corner. He patiently listened to me and allowed me to vent when necessary, and always acted compassionately, He effectively sifted through the evidence of my case, and successfully negotiated an agreement on my behalf. I am so thankful that he was the attorney who helped to bring about good from a bad situation.


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