Fr. Francis T. Gillespie (Diocese of Allentown)

Father Francis T. Gillespie

Diocese of Allentown (Pennsylvania)

Ordained: 1959

Retired: 2002

Died: 2009

Assigned as follows:

  • St. Joseph (Girardville, PA)                       1959-1963
  • Nativity H.S. (Pottsville, PA)                       1963-1965
  • St Patrick’s (Pottsville, PA)                        1963
  • Notre Dame (Bethlehem, PA)                    1965-1969
  • St. Jane Frances de Chantal (Easton, PA)  1966-1972
  • Moravian College (student advisor)            1966-1972
  • Our Lady of Mount Carmel (Minersville, PA)  1972-1974
  • St. Joseph (Girardville, PA)                         1974-1994
  • St. Margaret (Reading, PA)                         1994-1996
  • Annunciation of B.V.M. (Catasauqua, PA)   1996-2002
  • Retired                                                 December 2002

Summary of Abuse Allegations against Father Francis Gillespie:

According to the grand jury report, the first of two brothers abused by Gillespie at St. Joseph in Girardville came to the Diocese of Allentown to report his abuse in 2002.  As a 10 year old boy in the 1980s, the man said that Gillespie began grooming him by asking him to stay after mass to count the collection money.  This gave way to seemingly-innocent touching like hugging and pats on the arm.  Once the boy became comfortable with Gillespie, he began asking the child about lust and sex. Other times, he told the boy to undress to be weighed so that the priest could track his weight.  The boy knew that the behavior was odd but he was terrified and confused because of Gillespie’s position as a priest.  The weighing soon gave way to “measuring” with a tape measure, which included the priest touching the boy’s naked penis.  Sometimes, Gillespie would also have the boy dress up so Gillespie could take photos of him.

On one particular occasion, Gillespie gave him cold medicine and alcohol.  He blacked-out and woke up next to the priest; both were totally nude.  He also recalls incidents of the priest orally copulating him.

In 2003, the boy’s brother reported his own abuse to the Diocese of Allentown.  As a 14 year old altar boy, Gillespie would also keep him after mass to count the collection money.  He too described being weighed and measured as Gillespie fondled his penis and buttocks.  He also recalled at least one incident when Gillespie put him in a “full Nelson” wrestling move and rubbed his erect penis against the boy’s anus as the boy struggled to become free.

This second victim wrote a letter to the Diocese of Allentown shortly after his abuse ended in the 1980s, but never received a response.  He did not know that his brother was abused until shortly before approaching the Diocese of Allentown again in 2003.

Upon review of the information that is publicly available about Gillespie, we see several “red flags” that suggest the Diocese of Allentown was aware of the possible threat Gillespie posed to children long before he retired from ministry in 2002. These red flags would be explored during the prosecution of any lawsuit filed against the Diocese of Allentown.

There is a dispute in the records whether Gillespie retired voluntarily in 2002, as the grand jury report indicates, or if he was removed from ministry involuntarily, as the Diocese of Allentown has publicly stated.  The nature and length of his assignments early in his career are also consistent with those of priests who have been accused of sexual misconduct, which could also be investigated during the course of a lawsuit.

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