Msgr. Peter Crynes – Diocese of Scranton

Msgr. J. Peter Crynes – Diocese of Scranton

Fr. Peter CrynesMsgr. Peter Crynes

Ordained: 1967

Resigned: 2006

Assigned as follows:

  • 6/1967 – 9/1967: Camp St. Andrew (Tunkhannock, PA)
  • 9/1967 – 9/1968: St. Patrick (White Haven, PA)
  • 9/1968 – 9/1972: Holy Rosary (Scranton, PA)
  • 9/1972 – 9/1975: St. Joseph’s Children’s and Maternity Hospital (Scranton, PA)
  • 9/1975 – 6/1988: Our Lady of Fatima Center (Elmhurst, PA)
  • 6/1988 – 7/1994: Church of Corpus Christi (Montdale, PA)
  • 7/1994 – 5/2006: St. Therese (Shavertown, PA)

Summary of Allegations against Msgr. Peter Crynes:

In 2006, the Diocese of Scranton received a letter from an attorney representing a woman who said she was sexually abused by Msgr. Crynes from 1974 to 1977, beginning when she was 17.  In her sophomore year of college, she gathered the courage to tell him that she did not want to have any more contact with him, and he told her that she was not allowed to resist him, reportedly telling her that he would continue to do what he wanted to do to her even after she was married someday.

During the course of the Diocese of Scranton’s investigation, they learned of a second woman abused by Crynes.  When she was 15, she had anorexia and her parents made her see Crynes for counseling. As a 17 year old, she became rebellious and her parents called Crynes for help.  He brought her to Fatima Center for evaluation. Over the course of her stay there, Crynes came into her room and molested her on multiple occasions.

When confronted with the allegations in 2006, Crynes admitted to abusing both girls, calling his actions “loving paternal affection.”

A third woman also came forward during the investigation, but the details of her allegations were not provided by the grand jury. Instead, it (rightfully) focused on the fact that the woman first came to the Diocese of Scranton in 2002.  When she asked why nothing was done until 2002, the priest to whom she gave her report – who was also a Chancery official – said he assumed she was telling him as her confessor, not as an official of the Diocese, as if what she told him was her sin to confess.  He stressed to her in 2006 that he had always believed what she told him, but never felt compelled to do anything about it, apparently.

Crynes resigned from ministry voluntarily in 2006, several months after the first letter from a lawyer.

At least three more women have come forward to report abuse by Crynes since 2006. One said she confronted Crynes in 2002 and asked for an apology.  He admitted to abusing her and apologized, according to what she told the Diocese of Scranton later.

Crynes is still alive and is believed to be residing in the West Pittston, Pennsylvania, area.  He is 77 years old. He has no faculties to minister but remains a priest.

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