Fr. Eugene Corbesero – Diocese of Charlotte

Father Eugene Corbesero

Diocese of Charlotte/Consolata Society for Foreign Missions 

Eugene Corbesero Horowitz Law

Ordained: 1962

Dismissed: 1983

Died: 2016

Assigned as Follows:

  • Our Lady of Consolation Catholic Church (Charlotte, NC)
  • St. Dorothy Catholic Mission (Lincolnton, NC)

Summary of Sexual Abuse Allegations against Father Eugene D. Corbesero:

In March of 1995, a man reported to the Diocese of Charlotte that he had been abused by Father Eugene Corbesero when the victim was a teenager at Our Lady of Consolation Church in Charlotte. The alleged incident occurred sometime between 1973 and 1975.  Corbesero, a member of the Consolota Society for Foreign Missions, was sent to a new assignment out of state in 1976.

When the allegations were made in 1995, Bishop William Curlin determined the man’s allegation was credible and alerted Corbsero’s order to verify that the priest was no longer in ministry. It was later reported that Corbesero left his order of Consolata Society for Foriegn Missions in 1981, to marry.  He was laicized by the Vatican in 1983. 

In October of 2007, the former priest pleaded guilty and served five years in prison for the sexual assault of a minor in New Jersey in 2006. Prosecutors tried to obtain his personnel records from his time as a priest alleging that he may have had similar troubles during his ministry, but the court denied the motion and his records stayed sealed.

Eugene Corbesero died in 2016 according to the Diocese of Charlotte. 

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