Fr. George Wilt – Diocese of Pittsburgh

Father George Wilt

Diocese of Pittsburgh

Ordained: May 30, 1959

Retired: 2003

Assigned as follows:

  • 1959-1968: Sacred Heart, Pittsburgh, PA
  • 1968-2003: St. Bernard, Pittsburgh, PA

Summary of Sexual Abuse Allegations against Father George Wilt:

On April 11, 2003, it was noted that the Director of the Religious Education Department at St. Bernard expressed several concerns about Father George Wilt’s behavior. She stated that Wilt failed to take immediate action when it was discovered that the janitor was viewing pornography on a school computer.

Furthermore, he dismissed several incidents where the same janitor walked in on women and girls while they were using the bathroom.

It was further reported that people had left the parish because of inappropriate touching and kissing on the mouth, often during first communions. Also mentioned in this memorandum were two other allegations of inappropriate conduct by Wilt that were made by adult women. One incident occurred in November 2002 in Wilt’s office with an intern. The other incident occurred several months prior to April 2003 and stemmed from a confession in the church sanctuary.

In May 2003, two women, a youth minister, and CCD secretary met with officials from the Diocese of Pittsburgh. Both women stated they had seen Wilt inappropriately touch women during various celebrations and kiss eighth-grade girls.

In December 2003, adult women in Wilt’s parish accused Wilt of inappropriate advances. It was the recommendation of the Diocesan Review Board, however, that Wilt retains his faculties as they found him suitable for ministry.

On March 8, 2004, a victim reported she had been sexually abused by Wilt sometime
between 1961 and 1963. She stated the abuse occurred when she was in the seventh or eighth grade at St. Bernard. The victim explained that she had sought counseling from Wilt because she was being sexually abused by her father at the time. She thought Wilt could make it stop.

Wilt invited her into a small room in the parish house and during their conversation, he fondled her. On another occasion, she was called out of class and asked to go to the rectory. The victim stated that Wilt began to fondle her again and she ran out of the room and hid for the rest of the day until school was out. She never met with Wilt again.

Wilt was not assigned to St. Bernard until 1968. Wilt said that he was only at the parish
once prior to his assignment there for about 15 minutes, when he paid his respects of the passing of the pastor (Monsignor Quigley).

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