Resources Available for Sexual Abuse Survivors

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Some resources you’re probably not aware of. . . .

Know someone who suffered or is suffering harassment (or worse) on a college campus? Here’s some newly-posted helpful guidance:

Know an abuse victim who’s headed for court and wants in-person support? Do you know about Bikers Against Child Abuse?

Know someone who was victimized by a priest as an adult? Check out this site:

Know anyone who’s concerned about protecting themselves from on-line harassment (or worse)?

Here are a few straightforward, easy and prudent steps to take:

Know anyone who wants to push for legislative measures that protect the vulnerable or expose the abusers? Consider telling them about Child USA, a Philadelphia-based non-profit headed by Professor Marci Hamilton, a widely-respected child advocate and constitutional scholar. 

Check out the SNAP website (Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests). They have support for people who were hurt in these faith groups: Orthodox Christian, Presbyterian, Amish, Mennonite, Lutheran, Jewish, overseas missions, abused by nuns (a.k.a. “women religious”) or suffered ritual abuse.