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Fr. David A. Soderlund (Diocese of Allentown)

Father David A. Soderlund

Diocese of Allentown (Pennsylvania)

Ordained: 1965

Inpatient treatment: 1980

Removed from ministry: 1989

Laicized (removed from priesthood): 2005

Arrested: 2009

Assigned as follows:

  • 1965-1966    St. Peter (Coplay, PA)
  • 1966-1971    Sacred Heart (West Reading, PA)
  • 1971-1973    St. Catherine of Siena (Reading, PA)
  • 1971-1978    Holy Name High School (Reading, PA)
  • 1971-1978    Adult Religious Education (Berks County)
  • 1973-1974    St. John the Baptist (Shillington, PA)
  • 1974-1978    St. Benedict (Reading, PA)
  • 1978-1980    St. Joseph (Summit Hill, PA)
  • 1980        Sick Leave (St. John Vianney Hospital)
  • 1980-1981    Our Lady of Hungary (Northampton, PA)
  • 1981        St. Catherine of Siena (Reading, PA)
  • 1982-1986    Whereabouts unknown
  • 1986-1989    Good Samaritan Hospital (Pottsville, PA)
  • 1989        Faculties Withdrawn/Administrative Leave

Summary of Abuse Allegations against Father David Soderlund:


According to the grand jury report, the Diocese of Allentown received three separate complaints about David Soderlund’s misconduct with children in 1980.  The allegations included three different boys, aged 12 to 13, according to the grand jury’s summary of documents reviewed.  As part of the investigation, Diocese of Allentown officials reviewed several photo albums containing photos of Soderlund engaging in sexual activity with the boys.  After several months of investigation, Soderlund admitted to Diocese of Allentown officials that he engaged in sexual activity with the three boys.

According to the grand jury report, Soderlund often and regularly abused boys at a trailer he kept near the Appalachian Trial Sites, and that he threatened to kill or otherwise harm at least one of the boys if he did not submit to the sexual contact.  Soderlund was removed from ministry and sent to St. John Vianney, a notorious treatment facility used by the Diocese of Allentown to treat pedophile priests.  His whereabouts for the next two years (including after he left the treatment facility) are not listed in the grand jury report.

The grand jury report also summarizes the Diocese of Allentown’s conversations with local law enforcement in 1980: “…the prosecutor had assured him that if the parents would not make an issue of the matter, he would not prosecute.  The prosecutor made it clear that he understood Father Soderlund would no longer be stationed in Carbon County.”  According to another memo, the prosecutor said of the pornographic photos of the boy, “the Diocese should retain these photographs for a reasonable period of time.  [The prosecutor] did not want to view any of the commercially produced pornographic material and stated [the Diocese of Allentown] could destroy it.”


After two months at St. John Vianney for treatment, Soderlund was reassigned to ministry in the Diocese of Allentown with the full knowledge and permission of the Vatican.  Involving the Vatican in such decisions is an unusual step, and no explanation is provided by the grand jury as to why the Diocese of Allentown elected to involve the higher ranks of Catholic leadership.

Not long after his return to ministry, “Diocesan records indicated that at this time Soderlund began to act out sexually with a young boy.”  Once again, Soderlund was removed from ministry temporarily, only to be returned to a new assignment.

In 1987, a Good Samaritan Hospital Administrator contacted the Diocese of Allentown to report concerns about how much time Soderlund was spending with an 8 year old boy.  The hospital wanted him fired immediately.  According to documents reviewed by the grand jury, the Diocese of Allentown’s attorneys suggested that Soderlund simply be moved to a new hospital where he could stay busier and avoid temptation.  The Diocese had a bit of a quandary.  As pointed out by Msgr. Mutone in an internal memo: “If we do manage to place Soderlund after being fired by Good Samaritan we will have an even harder time convincing the others we have no place for them,” referring to other accused priests.  Soderlund was finally placed on administrative leave in February 1989 – almost two years after Good Samaritan asked for him to be fired.


Soderlund later sued the Diocese of Allentown multiple times for violation of his civil rights and discrimination protections, alleging that to fire him (or place him on leave) for a sexual addiction was a violation of protections for disabled persons.


In 2009, Soderlund was arrested and convicted of sexual exploitation of a child and possession of child pornography in Dubois, Wyoming. He is a registered sex offender in Wyoming and is believed to be residing in the Dubois area.

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