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Msgr. Charles Beausang – Diocese of Camden

Monsignor Charles Beausang

Diocese of Camden

Charles Beausang Diocese of Camden Horowitz Law

Ordained: 1946

Died: 2000

Assigned as follows:

  • 1946:           Ordained in the Diocese of Camden
  • 1947-1951: Our Lady Star of the Sea Church, Atlantic City, NJ
  • 1952:           St. Peter’s Church, Merchantville, NJ
  • 1953-1955: Christ the King Church, Haddonfield, NJ
  • 1953-1958: “Diocesan Newspaper”
  • 1956-1966: St. Vincent de Paul Church, Mays Landing, NJ
  • 1967-1985: St. Bernadette Church, Northfield, NJ
  • 1986-1992: Maris Stella Church, Avalon, NJ
  • 1993-1994: “Retired” – living in Port Charlotte, FL
  • 1995:            St. Maximilian Kolbe Church, Murdock, FL (Diocese of Venice, FL)
  • 1996-2000: “Retired” – living in Port Charlotte, FL

Summary of Sexual Abuse Allegations against Monsignor Charles Beausang:

Monsignor Charles Beausang was ordained a priest in 1946 and served in the Diocese of Camden. He served in multiple parishes throughout his career. According to a list maintained by Bishop Accountability.org, in 2021, he was named in a lawsuit alleging that he sexually abused a 9-year-old boy in approximately 1950.  At the time of the alleged abuse, Monsignor Beausang was assigned to Our Lady Star of the Sea Church in Atlantic City, New Jersey. It occurred inside Our Lady Star of the Sea School, where the boy was a student. Monsignor Beausang told the boy to expose the boy’s penis to him to masturbate in front of the boy. When the Monsignor began to unfasten the boy’s belt buckle, the boy ran away.

The case was settled in 2020.

Monsignor Beausang died in August 2000.

Horowitz Law is a law firm representing victims and survivors of sexual abuse by Catholic priests and other clergy in the Diocese of Camden in New Jersey.  If you need a lawyer because you were sexually abused by a priest in New Jersey, contact our office today. In October 2020, the Camden Diocese filed for federal bankruptcy protection.  The Court will resolve all claims of sexual abuse in this process but strict filing deadlines will apply and no late claims will be considered, so contact us today.  Our lawyers have decades of experience representing survivors of clergy sexual abuse in New Jersey and nationwide. We can help.

Contact us at (888) 283-9922 or adam@adamhorowitzlaw.com to discuss your options today.

Camden diocese priest accused

These Priests Were Accused of Abuse and Were in the Camden Diocese

Last month on this blog we discussed how extensive clergy sex crimes and cover ups seem to be in the Camden diocese.


But it seems, on closer examination, it is even worse than we initially suspected.

We at Horowitz Law have taken a closer look at the Camden diocese ‘credibly accused list.’ Not surprisingly, we found some accused priests who were in the Camden area but are not on that list. They are listed below:

(Church officials may claim that some of these are not ‘credible’ allegations. Regardless, these men have been accused of abuse and been ‘outed’ elsewhere and in some cases they appear on other lists of “credibly accused” clergy).

Fr. John H. Duggan, a Jesuit who worked at Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital in Camden. His name is included on the Scranton PA diocesan ‘credibly accused’ list.

He also worked in the dioceses of Albany, Baltimore, Philadelphia, and in Nigeria.


Fr. John J. Sheehan, who worked at the Marianist Family Retreat Center in Cape May and is on the Marianists’ ‘credibly accused’ list.

He was ordained in 1961, defrocked in 1997 and also worked in Maryland and New York.


Fr. Augustus Scott, who worked in the 1970s at the provincial office of the Order of Friars Minor in the Camden diocese. At least one child sex abuse lawsuit against him, involving a 16 year old, was settled.

He reportedly now lives in North Carolina.


Fr. Marjan L. Bober, who was accused of abusing at least one child in a 1994 RICO petition.

He worked at St. Joseph’s in Camden, St. Gregory in Magnolia, St. John’s in Collingswood, St. John the Baptist in Camden, Our Lady of the Lakes in Collings Lakes, St. Cecilia’s in Pennsauken and Assumption in Atco, all in the Camden diocese. Later, he spent time in two Florida towns: Palm Bay and Melbourne.



Fr. Laserian Nwoga, who was accused, in a civil suit, of fondling a 17 year old New Jersey girl in a rectory in 2001.

Church officials claimed that the episode was not criminal abuse but was “clearly inappropriate and unwelcome.” They then transferred him to a chaplain’s post at Underwood Hospital in Woodbury.


In the Camden diocese, he worked at St. Peter in Pleasantville, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel in Berlin, St. Patrick in Woodbury and Vianney Villa in Cherry Hill.

He was also in Kuwait, Japan, Mississippi (Biloxi diocese) and Texas (Selma and Cibolo in the San Antonio archdiocese).



Fr. William C. O’Connell, who was accused of abusing kids in Rhode Island and in the Camden diocese at Our Lady Star of the Sea in Cape May. He retired to Camden after pleading guilty to sexual assault and making child porn.

He is on the Providence diocesan ‘credibly accused’ list.



–Fr. Charles Beausang, who was publicly ‘outed’ earlier this year when a lawsuit settlement was announced. He reportedly abused a nine-year-old boy at Our Lady Star of the Sea School in Atlantic City.

He also worked in Merchantville, Haddonfield, Mays Landing, Northfield, West Collingswood, Avalon, Gloucester City and Northfield (all in the Camden diocese) before moving to Port Charlotte and Murdock in the Venice, Florida diocese.



Here are the Camden priests who ARE on the official diocesan ‘credibly accused’ list:

Joseph Barber, Claude J. Bender, John P. Bernard, Henry S. Blaszczynski, John F. Bloh, John D. Bohrer, Joseph J. Brennan, William B. Cannon, Gerald P. Clements, Norman T. Connelly, John P. Connor, Michael H. D’Amico, Charles J. Davis, Kenneth Demarest, Vincent A. Doyle, Eldridge T. Evans, Francis J. Flemming, John E. Follett, A. Richard Gerbino, Edward Gillespie, Roy T. Hardin, Thomas M. Harkins, James F. Hopkins, Frank X. Hudson, A. William Johnson, John P. Kelly, Charles E. Kuhl, Edward Lucano, Dermott F. Lyons, Patrick J. Madden, Phillip A. Matthews, Francis A. McCloskey, Charles P. McColgan, John J. McElroy, Joseph McGarvey, Francis J. McLaughlin, Joseph Orsini, Peter J. Osinski, Timothy E. Pisik, Walter T. Reilly, Dennis J. Rigney,  Glendon E. Robertson, James Ryan, Francis L. Salamandra, Robert J. Schmid, Augustine J. Seidenburg, Joseph E. Shannon, Donal Sheehan, John E. Smith, Walter Smith, Antoine St. Germain, Brendan V. Sullivan, William D. Titmas, Alfred J. Vasapolli and Patrick J. Weaver.

Fr. John McDevitt – Diocese of Camden

Father John McDevitt 

Diocese of Camden (Oblates)

John McDevitt Horowitz LawOrdained: 1966

Dead: 1999

Assignment History:

  • 1967-1968: Salesianum School (Wilmington, DE)
  • 1968-1980: Northeast Catholic High School (Philadelphia, PA)
  • 1980-1982: Bishop McDevitt HS (Harrisburg, PA) 
  • 1982-1989: Salesianum School (Wilmington, DE)
  • 1989-1994: Father Judge High School (Philadelphia, PA)
  • 1994-1999: DeSales Centre (Childs, MD) 

Summary of Sexual Abuse Allegations against Father John McDevitt:

Father John McDevitt, a member of the Oblates of St. Francis DeSales served on the Philadelphia City Council. He was one of the founders and served as the first president of the Summerdale Boys’ Club. He was also the founding president of the Northeast-Suburban Athletic Conference. In addition, he taught theology at several high schools in Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. He retired in 1994. 

According to media reports, in April 2009, Father McDevitt was named in a civil suit alleging he sexually abused a male student at Salesianum School in Wilmington, Delaware during his junior year from 1985 through 1986.

In June 2009, the nephew of Cardinal John J.O’Connor, the former head of the Archdiocese of New York, filed a lawsuit in Delaware alleging McDevitt sexually abused him as a 14-year-old student at Father Judge High School in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania from 1990 through 1991. The order had already removed him from the school. The suit stated that the priest knew he was related to the cardinal and used that information to intimidate the boy. He left the school after his freshman year, stating in the suit that he could no longer take the abuse.

According to the suit, “He threatened him with low grades in his religion class in order to entice him into private tutoring sessions, and during the private tutoring sessions, he proceeded to sexually abuse the plaintiff.”

According to abuse survivor accounts, McDevitt also molested children at Camp Brisson, a boys’ summer camp in Cecil County, Maryland, which was run by the Oblates.

In August 2011, as part of the Oblates $24.8 million settlement resolving 40 civil lawsuits brought under the Delaware Child Victims act against the religious order, McDevitt was one of twelve names released.

In August 2018, McDevitt’s name was included on the Diocese of Harrisburg’s list of clergy credibly accused of sex abuse of minors, as well as the Pennsylvania Grand Jury Report, which included the account of a male who stated that McDevitt tried to forcibly kiss him while in high school.

McDevitt died in 1999.

Horowitz Law is a law firm representing victims and survivors of sexual abuse by Catholic priests and other clergy in the Diocese of Camden in New Jersey.  If you need a lawyer because you were sexually abused by a priest in New Jersey, contact our office today. In October 2020, the Camden Diocese filed for federal bankruptcy protection.  The Court will resolve all claims of sexual abuse in this process but strict filing deadlines will apply and no late claims will be considered, so contact us today.  Our lawyers have decades of experience representing survivors of clergy sexual abuse in New Jersey and nationwide. We can help.

Contact us at (888) 283-9922 or adam@adamhorowitzlaw.com to discuss your options today.

Diocese of Camden sexual abuse lawsuit

Is the Camden Diocese Worse Than Others When it Comes to Clergy Sex Crimes?

Is it just our impression or does the Camden Catholic diocese have a greater problem with clergy sex crimes and cover ups than most dioceses?

That’s of course hard to determine and fundamentally unfair.

The phrase “more than most” is vague, especially given that there are about 180 Catholic dioceses across the United States.

A better metric to consider is this: How does the rate of clergy sex abuse in the Diocese of Camden compare to dioceses of about the same size?

And using this scale, indeed, our hunch that there are more child molesting clerics in Camden than other places seems to be right.

According to BishopAccountability.org and Catholic-Hierarchy.org, the Camden diocese has a Catholic population of 458,000.

So Camden is just a little BIGGER than the San Francisco archdiocese (425,000 Catholics), the Paterson NJ diocese (420,000 Catholics), the Rockford IL diocese (420,000 Catholics) and

Camden has 68 publicly accused predators.

But San Francisco has only 37 publicly accused predators.

Paterson has only 41 publicly accused predators.

Camden’s a little SMALLER than the Las Vegas diocese (544,519 Catholics), the Oakland diocese (520,301 Catholics, the Sacramento diocese (520,301), and the Cincinnati archdiocese (512,146).

But Las Vegas has only eight alleged predators.

Oakland has 44 alleged predators.

Sacramento has only 49 alleged predators.

Cincinnati has only 50 alleged predators.


So based solely on the statistics, Catholics and citizens in the Camden area have, sadly, experienced more clergy sex crimes than in dioceses of roughly the same size.

What makes this especially sad, however, is that it shouldn’t be like this.

Way back in 1993, Camden Catholic officials got one of the earliest and most dramatic ‘wake up’ calls about this crisis.

That year, a man named Gary Hayes filed a groundbreaking lawsuit charging that he was sexually violated as a child by two clerics: Fr. Joseph F. McGarvey of Camden and Fr. William C. O’Connell of Rhode Island.


The case groundbreaking in two ways.

First, Hayes was from the Camden diocese and was abused in the Camden diocese. When he sued, he was also a Catholic priest.

Hayes thus became the first US Catholic cleric to essentially sue his boss for ignoring and concealing abuse.


Second, Hayes’ lawsuit was the first in the US to cite RICO statutes. This is a law designed to help pursue justice against organized crime figures.

In a moving news conference, Hayes opened his remarks with this chilling phrase: “Today, I’m seeking justice in the courts because I can find no justice in my church.”

As one would expect, the case attracted considerable nation-wide coverage. And it should have given Camden’s church hierarchy ample opportunity and incentive to really work hard to stop child sex crimes and cover ups.


But we at Horowitz Law see no evidence that this was done. And the numbers seem to bear out our view.

So what can be done about this?

Well, for starters, we’re urging anyone in Camden who saw, suspected or suffered abuse to come forward and get help. This is especially important since there’s a June 30, 2021 deadline to seek help under the diocese’s bankruptcy plan.

After that deadline, it’s still possible for victims to win justice and expose predators. But it’s considerably tougher.

And if you know of others who grew up Catholic in the Camden area, ask them if they were sexually violated in any way by any Camden church employee. Then please spread the word about this deadline and ask them to do likewise.

We want every single person who saw, suspected or suffered child sex crimes and cover ups in Camden to at least consider taking advantage of this opportunity.

(McGarvey worked in these New Jersey towns: Camden, East Camden, Pennsauken, Gloucester, Woodstown, Elmer and Millville. In 1994, he pled guilty to sexual assault and making child porn. One lawsuit involving McGarvey was settled for $384,000 and another in the high five figures.)


(O’Connell worked in these Rhode Island towns: Wakefield, Matanuck, Riverside, Warwick, Providence, Central Falls, North Tiverton, Bristol and Hog Island. He was also a Navy chaplain.

In 1986, O’Connell pleaded no contest to sex assaults on about a dozen boys and was sentenced to five years in prison.


Contact us today Regarding Your Claim Against the Camden Diocese.

Horowitz Law is a law firm representing victims and survivors of sexual abuse by Catholic priests and other clergy in the Diocese of Camden in New Jersey.  If you need a lawyer because you were sexually abused by a priest in New Jersey, contact our office today. In October 2020, the Camden Diocese filed for federal bankruptcy protection.  The Court will resolve all claims of sexual abuse in this process but a strict filing deadline of June 30 will apply and no late claims will be considered, so contact us today.  Our lawyers have decades of experience representing survivors of clergy sexual abuse in New Jersey and nationwide. We can help.

Contact us at (888) 283-9922 or adam@adamhorowitzlaw.com to discuss your options today.


Diocese of Camden bankruptcy sexual abuse

Analyzing Diocese of Camden’s List of Priests Credibly Accused of Sexual Abuse

A startling fact jumps out when you review the list of priests credibly accused of child sexual abuse in the Diocese of Camden New Jersey: Many of them are still alive.

So one or more of them could have raped a girl yesterday, groped a boy last night or is grooming an unsuspecting family full of kids right now.

The only silver lining here is that since they’re alive, they might still be prosecuted, convicted, jailed and kept away from kids.

This is one reason why you should come forward now if you saw, suspected or suffered ANY wrongdoing by ANY current or former Camden area clerics.

There are actually LOTS of reasons to come forward now. But here’s one you may not be aware of: victims of Camden clergy face an impending deadline.

On June 30, 2021 the Camden diocesan bankruptcy window closes. If you come forward before then, you may receive compensation for your pain AND you will likely be able to get your perpetrator publicly named, which helps to protect the vulnerable and heal the wounded.

If you come forward AFTER that date, your legal options will be far more limited if not eliminated.

And here are two facts about filing an abuse claim that many don’t understand.

First, you can file a claim without your identity being made public.

Second, even after stepping forward, you can withdraw your claim without penalty or explanation any time you want.

Now, back to the Camden accused list. Two other parts of it are noteworthy.

–It shows the same sad patterns of dangerous men being shuffled by church officials to other countries (Vietnam), far-away states (Alaska and California), islands (Puerto Rico), and to chaplaincies at prisons and hospitals.

Consider Fr. Charles J. Davis, who has been sent all across the US, to FL, AL, AK, MD, PA, CA, NY and GA.

–Apparently, if we are to believe Camden church officials, over the past two years, not a single credible child sex abuse report was made against a single Camden New Jersey priest, nun, seminarian, brother, monk or bishop.

We know this because, as best we can tell, there’s been no update to the list since February 2019.

(Here’s a little-known fact about the Camden diocese. It was the first in the United State to face a RICO case and the first in the US in which a priest, Fr. Gary Hayes, sued his own bishop over abuse that Fr. Hayes suffered at the hands of two Camden clerics. https://www.bishop-accountability.org/news3/1993_06_10_Walsh_ThreeCharge_Joseph_McGarvey_3.htm

Horowitz Law represents victims and survivors of sexual abuse by Catholic priests and other clergy in the Diocese of Camden in New Jersey.  If you need a lawyer because you experienced sexual abuse in the Diocese of Camden by a priest or other employee, contact our office today. The Camden Diocese filed for federal bankruptcy protection.  The Court will resolve all claims of sexual abuse in this process but strict filing deadlines apply and no late claims will be considered, so contact us today.  Our lawyers have decades of experience representing survivors of clergy sexual abuse in New Jersey and nationwide. We can help.

Syracuse Diocese sex abuse

Crucial Deadline Approaching in Syracuse For Abuse Survivors

April 15, 2021 is the deadline to file for compensation through the Diocese of Syracuse’s bankruptcy proceedings. Headquartered in Syracuse, New York, the Roman Catholic Diocese of Syracuse is responsible for the interests of the Catholic Church in the seven counties of Central and South Central New York State: Broome, Chenango, Cortland, Madison, Oneida, Onondaga and Oswego.  It is estimated that there are nearly one quarter of a million Catholics in this region.


But the April 15 deadline will not be the end of the story. Even after April 15, those hurt by Syracuse clerics are still able to expose their predators and protect other kids.

We have identified a shocking 62 clergy and 1 lay teacher who worked in the Diocese of Syracuse who have been publicly accused of sexually abusing minors. In many cases, the perpetrators were merely transferred from parish to parish after allegations arose, and left a long trail of victims across the Diocese of Syracuse.

The Syracuse diocese itself admits 57 such abusive clergy and lists them on its website, as of two years ago.


About 20 of them are still alive (which means some could still be assaulting children).

All of this prompted us at Horowitz Law to take a closer look at the list of credibly accused abusive clerics on the Syracuse diocese website.

In a nutshell, it’s incomplete and inadequate in many ways. We’ll point out just three simple but significant shortcomings.

–It apparently includes no religious order clerics. Typically, religious order clerics are about 30% of the priests, brothers and monks in any diocese. So right off the bat, the Syracuse list is lacking.

–It also apparently includes no work assignments for the predator priests. Those assignments ARE provided by many other dioceses. And they’re helpful because when parents see that the Fr. Smith who was in their parish is now ‘credibly accused’ of abuse, those parents are more apt to spread the word, warn others about him, and even ask their own kids and friends “Hey, did Fr. Smith ever do anything creepy or hurtful to you?” – a question that can lead to healing, prevention and sometimes even criminal prosecutions and convictions.

–And it apparently includes no appeal to victims, witnesses and whistleblowers to call police or prosecutors. This omission only helps those who commit or conceal child sex crimes. It also increases the likelihood that if someone DOES know or suspect wrongdoing, they’ll call church figures, not secular authorities. And when church officials are the first to get abuse reports, they have the chance to begin covering them up.

In fact, Syracuse Bishop Douglas Lucia brags on his website that “significant steps have been taken to reach out to victims, involve the laity, partner with law enforcement” in abuse cases. But if that’s true, why won’t he say – prominently and repeatedly – “If you see, suspect or suffer abuse, please call the law.”

To their credit, Syracuse church officials do break down the accused priests into helpful categories.

Among the still-living current and former Syracuse predator priests: Robert Birchmeyer, John Broderick, Edmund Durr, John Harrold, James Hayes, Donald Hebert, Robert Kloster, C. Vincent Lane Jr., William Lorenz, Edward Madore, George Mattice Jr., Chester Misercola, Robert Ours, Joseph Pace, David Pichette, Albert Proud, James A. Quinn, John Wagner and Jerome Weber.

Among the Syracuse priests who were accused of abuse after they passed away: Thomas Bayley, Robert Bogan, Roger Bowan, John Donovan, Luke Gallagher, Bernard Garstka, Donald Gorman, Ferdinand Hattala, Edgar Holihan, Edward Humphrey, William Lynch, John McCarthy, William Morris, John “Jack” Morse, Thomas Neary Jr., Thomas Powell, Edward George Quaid, Francis Sammons, Martin Tracy and David Walker.

Among the Syracuse priests who asked to be defrocked: Albert Cason, Paul Cloonan, Gerard Guli, Joseph Larrabee, Foster Rogers and Michael Volino.

Among the Syracuse priests whose cases were ‘adjudicated’ within church processes and were given some kinds of consequences for their wrongdoing: Thomas Burr, Thomas Corbett, Robert Hammond, William Lum, Vincent Panepinto, David Simon, Francis Vogt, Robert Winterkorn, Paul Schnacky, Eugene Emo, Dennis Sewar and Dennis Shaw.

Finally, among the Syracuse priests who were accused of abuse but church officials claim they haven’t or can’t resolve the accusations: David Gramkee, Robert O’Neill, John Steger and Conrad Sundholm.


Other Catholic dioceses and archdioceses across the country have also filed for bankruptcy,  including Buffalo and Rockville Centre (August 14, 2021 deadlines).

(Similar bankruptcy deadlines are approaching in other nearby dioceses including Camden NJ diocese on June 30).

So if you want to see wrongdoers exposed, crimes prevented, kids safeguarded and victims healed, please spread the word about these deadlines. And if you’re inclined to prod Catholic officials to reform, feel free to begin by pushing Syracuse church hierarchy to be more honest and inclusive with their ‘credibly accused’ predator priest list.

(NOTE – Bishop Lucia is originally from the Ogdensburg diocese where he held several important positions. In 2019, he replaced retiring Syracuse Bishop Robert Cunningham.)

You Can Help A Sexual Abuse Victim Get REAL Help!

Want to Help a Sexual Abuse Victim in One Simple Way?

It could happen, if you just forward this blog to people you know who are in or grew up in New York & New Jersey.

Relatives, friends, therapists, former classmates. . .literally anyone

The dates below are deadlines by which child sex abuse survivors must speak up if they hope to get compensation from Catholic officials.

Anyone who was abused by any Catholic employee at any time should be aware of these dates:

Diocese of Syracuse – April 15

Diocese Camden – June 30

Diocese of Buffalo – August 14

Diocese of Rockville Centre (Long Island)  – August 14

These four Catholic dioceses have sought Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. So a judge has enabled them to set hard and fast deadlines by which those who were hurt must step forward seeking justice and/or money.

Priests, brothers, nuns, seminarians, monks, bishops, parochial school workers, it likely doesn’t matter exactly who the offender was. What DOES matter is the victim stepping forward before these dates.

And remember, child molesting Catholic clerics don’t always victimize kids in their own church. Maybe it’s a Protestant girl who just happened to live next door to the rectory. Or an agnostic boy who was hired to mow the parish lawn or shovel the parish sidewalk.

So don’t just send this blog to current and former Catholics in those two states. Please send it to EVERYONE you know who are or were in New York and New Jersey.

The process involves, of course, filing some paperwork. It doesn’t require an attorney. But we strongly advise any victim who’s even considering moving ahead at least have a phone call with an independent lawyer, preferably one who’s experienced in dealing with sexual abuse and cover-up cases involving the Catholic Church.

We at Horowitz Law aren’t thrilled by the bankruptcy process.

We aren’t convinced that this is the best way to deal with the hundreds of men and women who were traumatized during childhood.

But it’s happening regardless. And many survivors find it healing to get at least some compensation for their pain and some formal acknowledgement of their suffering.

Our goal at Horowitz Law is to make sure that anyone who needs funds – for therapy, drug treatment or any reason, to compensate for years of difficulty – doesn’t miss this opportunity.

“But I don’t know anyone who was molested by a Catholic cleric,” you may be thinking.

And that makes sense, since most people who were sexually assaulted as kids carry the secret to the grave.

The truth is, however, that you may never know if you know such victims. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t spread the word about these opportunities.

And victims can remain publicly anonymous throughout the bankruptcy and beyond. Their names won’t be publicly revealed.

If you want to target your outreach to potential victims, we urge you to think about friends, family and acquaintances who have maybe been addicted, depressed, isolated, imprisoned, divorced, under-employed or shown some other sign of having lived a rocky life. Because no matter how hard a victim tries to ignore or overcome their childhood trauma, it usually manifests itself at some point, often with destructive or self-destructive behavior.

By reaching out to others, by sharing this post, you might just be giving a quietly struggling person a lifeline towards a more healthy and less desperate financial life.

Diocese of Camden Horowitz Law

Sex Abuse Claims Filing Deadline Set in Camden Diocese Bankruptcy

On Friday, February 12, 2021, the U.S. Bankruptcy Court set the deadline for filing all sexual abuse claims against the Diocese of Camden for June 30, 2021. The Diocese filed for Chapter 11 protection earlier this year to resolve all pending sex abuse claims against the Diocese with the bankruptcy court’s assistance. It cited revenue losses because of the millions it paid out to clergy abuse victims and the pandemic. They tried to get the deadline moved up to February but was denied. Camden’s Diocese has nearly 500,000 members across 62 parishes in southern New Jersey’s Atlantic, Camden, Cape May, Cumberland, Gloucester, and Salem counties.

Contrary to what you might think, a bankruptcy filing does not mean the Diocese is broke: it means the Diocese is asking for the Bankruptcy Court for help resolving the rest of the sexual abuse claims against it. Its assets will be allocated among all of its creditors, including an unknown number of sexual abuse claimants, known and unknown.

It is also a means by which a Catholic Diocese can continue to protect itself and its secrets. For that reason, it is often criticized by survivor advocates and attorneys. The Diocese of Camden will not likely have to publicize any priest personnel files as part of this process, for example.

The June 30 filing deadline is also referred to as a “bar date” in bankruptcy law. It is a strict, non-negotiable deadline by which all existing claims must be filed against the Diocese of Camden, or claimants will be forever barred from seeking relief in the future.

For survivors of sexual abuse by anyone employed by the Diocese of Camden such as a priest, teacher, sacristan, or lay volunteer, this likely means that even if New Jersey lawmakers extend the statute of limitations and otherwise allow you to file a lawsuit, your claim will barred by the bankruptcy bar date. That makes it critically important for anyone who a Camden Diocese employee victimized to contact competent counsel as soon as possible to discuss your options: the fact is that you probably won’t have any options after June 30, 2021.

While the exact class of persons who can file a claim in the bankruptcy is not yet defined, it is expected that those sexually assaulted by Diocese employees as an adult, as well as the estates of deceased victims, will be able to file claims.

The June 30th deadline is a strict filing deadline set by the Court and will not likely be extended by the Court for any reason.  Therefore, you should contact us immediately for a free and confidential consultation about your legal options as a survivor of abuse in the Camden Diocese.

Horowitz Law is a law firm representing victims of sexual abuse in the Diocese of Camden and throughout New Jersey.  The Diocese of Camden filed for federal bankruptcy protection in October 2020.  Anyone sexually abused by a priest or employee of the Diocese of Camden may be entitled to file a claim against the Diocese in these bankruptcy proceedings, but very strict filing deadlines have been set by the Bankruptcy Court.  Most victims of abuse in the Diocese of Camden will never be able to take against against the Diocese of Camden if they miss this bankruptcy filing deadline, so it is important that you contact us immediately to discuss your potential case.   Contact us at (888) 283-9922 or adam@adamhorowitzlaw.com to discuss your legal options today.

Fr Norman T. Connelly – Diocese of Venice

Father Norman T. Connelly
Diocese of Venice/Camden

Norman T. Connelly Horowitz Law


Ordained: 1965
Suspended from ministry: 1993

Assignment History:

  • 1965: Our Lady Star of the Sea (Cape May, NJ)
  • 1965: St. Rose (Haddon Heights, NJ)
  • 1965: Cathedral Academy (Camden, NJ)
  • 1966-1967: Immaculate Conception (Camden, NJ)
  • 1968-1972: St. Peter (Merchantville, NJ)
  • 1973-1974: St. Patrick (Woodbury, NJ)
  • 1975-1981: St. James High School (Carneys Point, NJ)
  • 1981-1982: St. Michael (Gibbstown, NJ)
  • 1982-1987: St. John (Paulsboro, NJ)
  • 1988-1992: St. Joseph (Woodstown, NJ)
  • 1993: Epiphany (Venice, FL)

Summary of Sexual Abuse Allegations against Father Norman T. Connelly:

Father Norman Connelly served in parishes in New Jersey and Florida. According to media reports in 2002, two brothers suffered years of sexual abuse at the hands of several priests, including Father Norman Connelly. The victims initially filed a lawsuit and lost a bid to sue the Diocese of Camden when a judge ruled that the statute of limitations had expired in their cases.

The brothers alleged that they had been molested as teenagers and claimed that the church had long known of and tolerated such conduct by priests, including Connelly. One victim said that when he was a teenager, Connelly took him and other altar boys to a Philadelphia bathhouse, where they played volleyball and basketball in the nude. He and his brother say Connelly also showed them pornography.

Lawyers for the diocese argued that the brothers understood all along that the sexual assaults had harmed them in some way and that they should have filed suit sooner.

While the lawsuit was dismissed, the victims shared in an $880,000 settlement from the Diocese of Camden in 2002.

Connelly’s name appears on the February 2019 list of credibly accused priests published by the Diocese of Camden.  According to Bishop Sullivan, the list, “includes those who admitted to the abuse, those who were found guilty after a trial in the church courts or the civil courts, and others against whom the evidence was so overwhelming as to be virtually unquestionable.”

Connelly is permanently removed from ministry and is believed to be residing in Naples, Florida.

Horowitz Law is a law firm representing victims and survivors of sexual abuse by Catholic priests and other clergy in the Diocese of Venice in Florida.  If you need a lawyer because you were sexually abused by a priest in Florida, contact our office today. Our lawyers have decades of experience representing survivors of clergy sexual abuse in Florida and nationwide. We can help. 

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Fr. Marjan Bober – Diocese of Orlando

Father Marjan Bober
Diocese of Orlando/Camden

Marjan Bober Horowitz Law

Ordained: 1963
Retired: 2004
Death: 2017

Assignment History:

  • 1963-64: Saint Agnes (Blackwood, NJ)
  • 1964-66, 1968-70: Saint Joseph (Camden, NJ)
  • 1966-68: Saint John (Collingswood, NJ)
  • 1970-1974: Saint Cecilia (Pennsauken, NJ)
  • 1974-77: Assumption (Atco, NJ)
  • 1978-82: Saints Peter and Paul (Turnersville, NJ)
  • 1982-84: Saint Gregory (Magnolia, NJ)
  • 1986-1989: St. John the Baptist (Camden, NJ)
  • 1990- 2003: Our Lady of the Lakes (Collings Lakes, NJ)
  • 2004-2017: St. Luke’s, St. Sebastian, St. Josephs, and Immaculate Conception (Palm Bay, FL)

Summary of Sexual Abuse Allegations Against Father Marjan Bober:

Father Marjan Bober was included in a 1994 lawsuit against the Diocese of Camden and other Dioceses in New Jersey. He was accused of allegedly abusing one child with Fr. Patrick Weaver at Saint John’s in Collingswood in 1967-1968.

The Diocese of Camden has not released any additional information more relating to the accusation, including whether there are any more known allegations against him. Bober was allowed to retire to Palm Bay, Florida, in 2004, where he continued to assist at various parishes in the Orlando Dioceses, including St. Luke’s, St. Sebastian, St. Josephs, and Immaculate Conception. Fr. Bober died in 2017 in Florida.

Horowitz Law is a law firm representing victims and survivors of sexual abuse by Catholic priests and other clergy in the Diocese of Orlando in Florida.  If you need a lawyer because you were sexually abused by a priest in Florida, contact our office today. Our lawyers have decades of experience representing survivors of clergy sexual abuse in Florida and nationwide. We can help. 

Contact us at (888) 283-9922 or adam@adamhorowitzlaw.com to discuss your options today.