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Florida Attorney General Sets Up Website to Report Clergy Sexual Abuse

Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi has followed the lead of the Attorney General offices in other states by setting up a website for people to report past abuse by Catholic priests, clergy and other religious leaders in Florida.  The investigation will be aided by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement in reviewing the state’s seven Catholic Dioceses.  The link to the site can be found here:  http://myfloridalegal.com/contact.nsf/stopabuse

The website is part of Attorney General Bondi’s investigation of allegations of child sex abuse by priests from seven Catholic Dioceses in Florida: Archdiocese of Miami, Diocese of Palm Beach, Diocese of Orlando, Diocese of Venice, Diocese of St. Petersburg, Diocese of Pensacola-Tallahassee, and Diocese of St. Augustine.   The Archdiocese of Miami issued a statement that it “welcomes these efforts.”  The Diocese of Palm Beach stated it “will fully engage with the Florida Attorney General” and is “pleased” that the Attorney General’s office is undertaking this efforts.  The Diocese of St. Augustine said it is “supportive of the investigation and the diocese will cooperate fully throughout the process.”  The Diocese of Pensacola-Tallahassee released a statement saying it will “continue to cooperate with the statewide prosecutor in an investigation into the policies and procedures that have long been in place to provide a safe environment and to investigate allegations of misconduct with children.”

Analysis from Adam Horowitz

Adam Horowitz is an attorney for persons who have been sexual abused in Florida by priests and other clergy.  He has represented dozens of victims and filed numerous lawsuit on behalf of victims who were sexually abused in Florida.  He hailed this announcement by the Florida Attorney General as “a long overdue step in the march toward justice for all clergy sexual abuse victims.  It is well understood by now that child sexual abuse can result in a dramatic downward spiral for victims.  But when the perpetrator is a trusted member of the clergy, it is a particularly egregious breach of trust.  All of the Catholic Dioceses in Florida have had priests who sexually abused children.  It is time for all of the Dioceses in Florida to make public a list of all the credibly accused priests.”

To file a tip, visit MyFloridaLegal.com/StopAbuse. All information shared is confidential in accordance with  Florida public record laws.  Bondi stressed that the site is for reporting past abuse only, not current cases. The site is also not limited to abuse in the Catholic church.

Attorney Adam Horowitz represents children and adults who were victims of sexual abuse by a priest, minister, rabbi or other clergymen in civil lawsuits. If you or someone you know was a victim of sexual abuse or sexual assault at a church or other religious organization, please contact our law firm at (954) 641-2100 or send an email to sexual abuse attorney Adam Horowitz at adam@adamhorowitzlaw.com.

Twins Gymnastics Coral Springs

Five Girls Accuse Man at Twins Gymnastics in Coral Springs of Molestation

Five girls between the ages of 7 and 10 who were enrolled atTwins Gymnastics in Coral Springs have accused the gym owners’ brother, Leonardo Suarez Alvarez, of molestation over a two year period.  Twins Gymnastics is owned by twin sisters Maria Elena and Maria del Carmen Suarez.  The police reports stated that Leonardo Suarez Alvarez volunteered at the gym.  He would reportedly clean the gym and also drive the kids to classes at the gym.

Suarez Alvarez was arrested on September 27 on five charges of lewd and lascivious molestation of a victim under age 12.   He is being held in Broward County without bond as he is a citizen of Ecuador and prosecutors argued he is a flight risk.  The arrest report details similar allegations by all of the girls involving Alvarez touching their breasts over the clothing.   The reports states that a 10-year-old girl told Coral Springs detectives she reported the incidents involving the touching of the breast and vaginal area to “Ms. Maria,” one of the owners, and Maria told her she would tell her brother to stop.  However, the girl told police that Suarez Alvarez continued to touch her inappropriately and she witnessed him inappropriately touching other girls, as well.

Leonardo Suarez Alvarez is 52 years old and lives in Tamarac.  Twins Gymnastics is located at 1297 North University Drive in Coral Springs. According to the gym’s website (take down as of this date), it provide kids a “safe location” to “hang out after school.”

Like any other business, a gym is responsible for exercising care to protects the children under its supervision and must use due care in the retention and supervision of employees.  If the facts are that Twins Gymnastics allowed a volunteer to remain working at the gym after receiving a sexual misconduct complaint from a minor, an investigation in to whether Twins Gymnastics exercised adequate supervisions is certainly warranted.

Horowitz Law represents children who were sexually abused in connection with their participation in youth athletics.  If you or a loved one was sexually abused, raped or sexually molested by a youth coach, team leader, team administrator or sports team member, contact our law firm at (954) 641-2100 or send an email to sexual abuse lawyer Adam Horowitz at adam@adamhorowitzlaw.com for a free consultation.

Sex Battery Charges Filed against Broward County Masseur Employed at Massage LuXe in Coral Springs

Rayniel Hernandez arrestBroward County massage therapist, Rayniel Lazaro Hernandez Basulto, is facing criminal charges that he sexually assaulted a female client at a Massage LuXe franchise located at 4637 University Drive in Coral Springs, Florida.

According to law enforcement records, the client used a Groupon for the service at Massage LuXe in February 2017 and asked for a female massage therapist.  She told police she felt uncomfortable when a male masseur entered the treatment room, but allowed him to begin performing the service, police said.

During the massage, the alleged victim reported that the massage therapist interested his fingers into her vagina and also masturbated on her.  The woman told police she was so frightened that she froze and could not react during the alleged assault, the police report said. Upon the massage therapist exiting the room, however, the alleged victim promptly reported the incident to Massage LuXe’s manager and requested that her account be deleted so that the masseur could not contact her in the future.  The alleged victim them went to the police department and made a report.  Hernandez Basulto at first denied the client’s accusations and then cried and was remorseful, police said. He eventually told a detective that he did what she had described, police said.

After the arrest was made, an additional victim came forward to Department of Health reporting that Mr. Hernandez Basulto engaged in similar acts with her in January 2017.  According to that victim, she immediately called Massage LuXe and informed the staff of what occurred.

According to the Florida Department of Health, Rayniel Lazaro Hernandez obtained his Massage Therapist license in December 2015.  An Emergency Order restricting his license was entered on February 24, 2017 which prohibits him from practicing massage therapy on any female clients.

Sex abuse attorney Adam Horowitz is experienced in filing lawsuits on behalf of victims of sex assault by massage therapists, including at Massage LuXeIf you have a been a victim of sexual assault in a spa or during a massage, or if you know someone who has, please contact our law firm at (954) 641-2100 or send an email to sexual abuse lawyer Adam Horowitz at adam@adamhorowitzlaw.com. 




87 year-old Florida Man Charged with Sex Battery in Nursing Home

Louis Lawson sexual nursing home

An 87-year-old Lantana, Florida man with a reputation of fondling nursing home staff is facing sexual battery charges for performing oral sex on a 94-year-old man debilitated by Parkinson’s disease.

Louis Lawson appeared in court on Thursday, June 30, 2016, charged with sex battery.  On November 11, 2015, a member of the Village on High Ridge nursing home staff was called to the alleged victim’s room to find Lawson performing oral sex.  Lawson had previously been found by nursing staff touching himself and has a reputation for grabbing and fondling staff members.  On November 13, 2015, Lantana Police were called and notified about Lawson’s behavior. According to local news reports, Lawson told the staff that he was “horsing around” and that the victim wanted it.  Police reported that Lawson did not consider the incident rape because the victim did not push him away. According to nursing home staff, the victim is physically disabled, but aware of his surroundings.

Adam Horowitz is experienced in filing lawsuits on behalf of victims of sexual battery. If you or someone you know has been a victim of a sexual battery, please email attorney Adam Horowitz at adam@adamhorowitzlaw.com or call our law firm at (954) 641-2100.