Schools and Universities

Teachers, Coaches, and Even Other Students May be Sexual Predators at School

As a society, we entrust teachers and other school employees with the instruction and protection of our children on a daily basis. In fact, many children spend more face-to-face time with their school teachers than with their own parents.

Every day across America, millions of children go to school and parents never give a second thought to the potential risks that face their children from the earliest ages…  Private Schools, boarding schools, after-school programs, or other school settings are unfortunately an opportune location for a person with deviant sexual interests to find innocent victims. Teachers, coaches, volunteers, counselors, and even other students may be sexual predators in disguise. Horowitz Law has handled numerous claims involving minors who were subject to sexual assault at school or at a school-related event.

The law requires school employees and officials to exercise as much care in the supervision of children as a reasonable parent, but they often fail and children fall prey to sexual predators. In some cases, a fellow student is a sexual offender, but because they are a juvenile, parents are never warned and only a handful of school administrators know about the student’s past.  Rarely is a student molested in school without warning. Sexual predators know they have time to “groom” their victims, to slowly gain their trust, until the sexual contact occurs, almost as if part of a natural progression. Abuse in schools can occur at any age, from pre-kindergarten through college.

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